Green IT minds meet in Silicon Valley

Nineteen of Britain's 'greenest' business and IT leaders have touched down in Silicon Valley on a taxpayer-funded mission to reboot the UK's clean technology sector.

Representatives from the companies, whose devices, buildings and machines are all clean tech, will spend the next six days with their counterparts in San Francisco.

Organised by the government's technology strategy board, the visiting party want to secure fresh contracts and funding for business or consumer-led green tech projects in the UK.

Their easier to achieve objectives are to spread knowledge, understand policy and to spot opportunities, at the same time as bringing together those people who can best exploit them, or solve the sector's problems.

However recent figures indicate that drumming up new business must be the ultimate goal of the UK party, whose expertise spans the electronics, engineering, design and software sectors.

According to research firm New Energy Finance, venture capital investment in UK clean tech has stagnated for the past three years, with just a handful of regular players putting in £600m last year.

Seeming mindful of the investment drop off, the nineteen leaders said part of their focus would be on demonstrating the benefits of clean tech, to both business and consumers, primarily through the US media.

"Future cities and future living is a theme that keeps repeating," Richard Miller, of the Technology Strategy Board, wrote on the 'Clean and Cool Mission 2010' blog, reflecting on the first meeting of the minds.

"The group think they have some unique combinations of technologies that could come to be new products and services for new kinds of markets."

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