Call for views on double taxation

Companies or individuals who have encountered double taxation, where at least two member states apply tax on a single income, have a chance to share their experiences.

Issuing the invite, the European Commission said people, businesses and advisers should provide practical instances of double taxation for its consultation on the issue.

By people sharing their experiences, the EC hopes to obtain "a picture of the real size" of double taxation - which it regards as an obstacle to a successful single market.

For taxpayers where the double taxation has been eliminated after their appeal to tax authorities, the Commission particularly wants to know how long such a waiver took.

All taxpayers who have operated across country borders are also invited to provide ideas for how the different cases of double taxation in the EU could be avoided.

A report on all taxpayer experiences of double taxation will be published, with the contents carefully analysed so the reasons that underlie double taxation can be clear.

The Commission says it will then launch a debate on how these reasons could be eliminated, and "consider if there is a need for action" at a European Union level.

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