Call to bright IT thinkers

Individuals who see themselves as thought leaders on IT, for its potential to change business, the workplace and communication, are invited to share their ideas for the good of the sector.

Issuing the invite, BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT said its new micro-site aimed at making society more "IT-savvy" wanted input from computer users, businesses and professionals alike.

The resulting tech ideas bank should eventually contain fresh ways to use and manage information more effectively, while helping those on the wrong side of the digital divide who "risk being marginalised," BCS said.

To this end, on-site debates will focus on the potential of IT to bring practical advantages to public sector issues, including Culture, Wellness, Safety and Citizenship.

The private sector focus of the submitted ideas should be on how IT can change Commerce, Communication, Work and the Environment, with a period of six weeks for each topic.

Interested parties can have their say on the agenda, the BCS said, and weekly polls will gauge contributors' responses, as well as their attitudes, know-how and ideas when it comes to making the most out of data and IT.

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