IT worker demand surges in Scotland

For being the first to stabilise from the recession, Scotland's IT sector is now hiring more staff and contractors than any of the economy's seven key sector employers.

Demand in July for temporary expertise in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh was strongest for Computing/IT workers, shows a recruitment index of eight occupations.

Ranked by economist Markit for the Bank of Scotland, the index shows a surge in candidate availability in the last month, mainly due to "inactive workers" returning to the fold.

Although this influx prompted overall prospects for job candidates to worsen, albeit marginally, the conditions for both types of IT staff are optimal, statistically at least.

The index, based on the books of 1,000 recruiters, shows IT workers in Scotland are ranked 1st - as the most placed candidates on both a contract and on a full-time basis.

The Alliance of Sector Skills Council in Scotland told CUK that technology accounts for more than 5% of the economy's total GVA (Gross Value Added).

"Technology drives innovation, productivity and employment growth in every sector, and as a result, all sectors rely on highly skilled IT professionals", said ASSCS spokeswoman Rhona Martin.

"This means that IT employment is continuing to grow, with Scotland needing more than 7,500 new IT professionals a year over the next five years to fill increasingly complex, high value-added roles."

Among all job candidates on the index, salaries were generally down on previous months (but held steady in Aberdeen), while hourly rates for temps rose for the seventh month in a row.

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