IT Corporate anthems: why we're all contracting!

Although most of us go contracting to gain greater freedom, try new things and make more money (when the market allows it), ZDNet has provided yet another reason to be grateful for our career choice.

For the last few months, the technology news site has been taking votes on the best 'IT corporate anthems', and the results are truly nauseating.

KPMG's corporate anthem, called "Our Vision of Global Strategy", has knocked McKinsey & Company from the number one spot in the latest chart.

McKinsey & Company's anthem, called simply "McKC", slipped to number two, but still recorded the greatest number of downloads.

Available in a 'jungle' and 'hard rock' mix, as well as the classic original version, the chorus of KPMG's anthem may well bring a tear to the eye:

"KPMG, we're strong as can be

A team of power and energy

We go for the gold

Together we hold onto our vision of global strategy."

You can download the Top 20 audio tracks, together with lyrics from ZDNet here.

We'd also recommend you check out Contractor UK's favourite tune, provided by Let'

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