IT staff 'slightly optimistic' about 2011

A “fairly mixed” response has been heard from IT workers after they were asked to rate how Britain’s computer jobs market will fare over the next 12 months.

More than a third believe it will improve “slightly” and a further 9 per cent say it will improve “significantly,” suggesting that almost half think it is on a positive trajectory.

This means that, while there is a slight leaning towards optimism overall, 13 per cent believe the market will get marginally worse, and nearly a fifth see it getting “much worse.”

So clearly “apprehension still remains among IT staff” said IntaPeople, a recruitment agency that issued these findings, having interviewed 200 IT workers in October.

But some IT workers were neither apprehensive nor optimistic, with 27 per cent saying they expect “no difference” in market conditions over the next 12 months.

This is despite a number of major IT projects being “set in motion” for 2011, the agency said, including the migration from XP to Windows 7 and the switchover to cloud computing.

It added: “The predominantly positive outlook of IT professionals suggests that they recognise the importance of IT as businesses prepare themselves for an upturn in the economy.”

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