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Contracting News

An IT park set up by the Malaysian Government to rival Silicon Valley has doubled growth targets creating 21,000 skilled IT jobs.

It's a long time since software companies were surprising the markets rather than shocking them. However the UK's top software house did just that. Those made redundant to help create the good news won't be so pleased though.

System developers in contract positions are currently the most sought after IT contractors in the UK.

Despite the increasing threat posed by virus and hacker attacks, qualified IT security officers are a rarity in the IT departments of top UK firms.

Asia's IT communities have long searched for a Microsoft Windows alternative, which they believe allows the US company far too much control over the global IT industry.

Prudential Assurance, one of the world's largest insurance groups has just handed over all its IT contract staffing requirements to just one recruitment company – for the next three years.

It is the turn of contractors to have their day in the' limelight'. Most of the new proposals from the EU to the World Trade Organisation members will affect the jobs of contractors - and in a big way.

Lawspeed has won an IR35 status case for a contractor who was engaged on the same contract terms as those found within IR35 in the widely publicised but unsuccessful Synaptek case.

Global businesses struggling to find an answer to the growing problem of ID theft mounted a united offensive against online fraudsters this week.

By 2005, 70% of enterprises will use more than 3 outsourced Companies but fewer than 10% will have the processes and structures in place to effectively manage them.

Although the job boards have been noticeably busier, none of the IT agencies have been saying that the market is getting any better...or any worse either.

New research indicates worsening industrial relations at a time when the Government is emphasising the need for greater transparency and communication in the workplace.

IT entrepreneurs whose companies have been razed to the ground by IR35, investigated for being independent and roped up by red tape are being targeted by the Irish Government.

New report questions who will survive the inevitable shakeout as a result of aggressive strategies and shrinking margins.

The EU will not be putting any cap on the numbers of Intra-Company Transfers coming into the UK. In fact, they will be increasing the numbers as they will be adding a new category.

Gartner puts forward the case for "insourcing" - companies setting up their own offshore processing centres.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw insists that the planned euro referendum will still take place once Gordon Brown's five economic tests are met.

Hot on the heels of the speed-dating phenomenon, busy Britons' hectic lifestyles are now influencing the way most of us would like to look for work.

So why is there so much difficulty with a job that everyone thinks that they could do well in?

Oracle has named China the crown-prince-to-be of the global software empire in an unprecedented move that puts India second, followed by Japan & Australia.

Diageo, the company that used to be called Guinness, announced that they are outsourcing the running of their IT systems to IBM.

"Proposals have already been floated to offer tax breaks to companies who keep their staff on US soil, and to penalise those who outsource offshore"

The Bank of Ireland has agreed an outsourcing deal with Hewlett Packard that will mean transferring their systems capability to HP, affecting 500 IT workers.

Lawspeed tells us how the Inland Revenue's IR35 contract opinion service pays dividends for a contractor.

Latest report says a battle is looming for the enterprise desktop between major IT and telecom vendors.

Western businesses who regard Indian IT rates as their saviour in the economic downturn might already be eyeing a move further east as the world's cheapest labour market, Vietnam, plans to get in on the act.

A major agency surprised the market by easily beating analysts profit prediction, and this was caused by a sudden surge in demand in the 2nd quarter of the year. Read what they say about prospects.

Endless red tape, subjective rules and regulations make it nigh on impossible to run a business under the Labour Government. Simon Dolan looks at comparisons in the US.

Two crucial meetings are taking place in September and December under the auspices of the WTO. Both will be looking at liberalising trade, especially in Computer Related Services.

Businesses and private voicemail users risk being held to ransom by hackers if they do not address security weaknesses in their systems.

Gerry reminisces about working in the days of the old mainframes, Punch Cards, Punch Girls, Luncheon Vouchers and separate toilets for the bosses.

Economic challenges and market shifts see services sold to other IT companies, either as a target market or as a conduit to new markets.

One of India's largest software exporters has announced a $54.3m expansion to its Indian operations this week.

Latest British Chambers of Commerce forecast highlights the need for the Government to place business at the forefront of its agenda.

Not surprisingly, the EU offer to open up our markets to non-EU skilled IT migrants has proved very popular, and the 3rd world has been signing up in droves for it.

Gartner's recent vendor ratings show that although Indian offshore companies are generally capable, they are still relying on 'opportunistic growth'.

The European Commission plans to fine Microsoft for alleged abuse of its dominant market position.

They've only gone and given the whole sweetie shop away in return for greater access to the developing world's markets for our major companies.

The Work Permit rules don't go far enough for Indian companies and their government. They want complete mobility of skilled labour.

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