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Contracting News

Some agencies have come through the downturn pretty well. Others have suffered badly. Some indeed, have gone under.

As offshore outsourcing ramps up "CIOs must anticipate the potential loss of talent, knowledge and performance" according to Gartner.

An Indian programmer at Oracle sued her Indian male supervisor for sexual harassment, claiming he forced her into sex by telling her she needed to "learn the art of pleasing the American manager."

Diagonal announce their results for the half year to May and comment on the market prospects in the months ahead.

Offshore IT outsourcing is becoming more popular in Ireland, often attracting more favour than India as an IT outsourcing location.

The government have given the Indian IT trade association a seat on the UK IT Skills Panel. Gerry McLaughlin has a thing or two to say about that...

The acquisition of Parkside is to complement Hot's "on-line presence and provide a major step in building a traditional recruitment division".

Britain and Japan to share more IT information and work more closely together on ICT provision

The British Chambers of Commerce last week released the results of its Q2 2003 Quarterly Economic Survey. UK depends on global economic upturn.

British government IT projects are currently valued at £10bn, but over-keen suppliers & bad management are costing the country much more.

According to a weekly poll drawn from a 20,000-member Gartner panel of IT decision makers from small, midsize and large U.S. businesses.

Invest Northern Ireland to work with Indian companies rather than "throwing in the towel".

...and they announced profits up by 20% from last year, excluding write-downs, to $240 million for the second quarter of the year.

PeopleSoft announced to the Stock Market that their bid for JD Edwards has been successful.

Over 1,800 members participated in a survey conducted by the Professional Contractors Group during the first two weeks of July.

TUC claims employers are taking advantage of migrant workers' vulnerability and poor command of English to escape punishment.

Customers are STILL poised to sign off contracts say IBM as they announce higher profits and earnings

Oracle Corp's plans to double its work force in India to 6,000 people will be difficult to swallow for Silicon Valley IT workers

…and this drives Government policy. However is everybody included? It's also growing at a phenomenal rate from what they say is a low base

Offshore business process outsourcing is expected to reach $1.8 billion in 2003 with India taking 66% of the offshore BPO market.

British business is missing out on billions of pounds of public sector contracts according to the FSB.

Are better educated software builders correct when they say their managers are a bunch of dimwits? Another discussion point from the e-Skills survey.

Their results for their second quarter will be no worse than those of their first quarter. The bottom of the market may already have been hit.

IT recruitment company, Parity, has won a big 5-year contract to be the Preferred Supplier to the Charity Commission.

A lack of commitment to IT from "business leaders" is seriously affecting organisations' ability to align IT and business according to a new report.

If an USA accountant with 5 years' experience, earns an average of £42,000 a year, guess what an accountant with the same experience would earn in the UK.

Despite the recent IT slowdown, the Sunday Times Rich List still shows there's a mint to be made out of technology!

The company that once offered a £1,500 bounty on the heads of contractors has had a profits plunge – but future orders have risen.

A key small business survey has revealed that the country's owner-managers are optimistic about the future of their business and the outlook of the economy.

When the financial troubles come and the money goes, along with the job, the family and even the dog, a contractor has one friend left.

A survey undertaken by has discovered that taking a 'sickie' might not be as rife as we might imagine!

Jobseekers have been advised to check messages they post about themselves online after recruiters have checked entries on the Friends Reunited site.

The Home Office is to relax the rules for applicants to the scheme, to make it more 'accessible'. Over 40,000 applicants enter the UK each year.

IT decision makers from small, midsize and large US businesses spent below their budgeted levels in May.

It's going in the right direction and the National Audits Office are going to investigate the Work Permits office too.

Refugees from the rat race are increasingly taking the plunge and choosing to be their own boss, according to research published by Barclays this week.

Wicked bunfight erupting between Oracle, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards in ERP market. SAP must be laughing

The PCG is calling for more research into the slump in IT which has left many independent contractors out of work, but "missing" in official statistics.

Coming as no surprise to most of us, UK business is still tightly bound in red tape according to a new report published by the Institute of Directors.

The police are called in to look at alleged financial irregularities as the once proud company languishes on the Stock Market

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