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Contractor Job News

REC: Just a blip, or the return to the unwelcome cost-cutting measures of 2008?

Hiring freezes, rate cuts and even a contractor cull – the UK’s IT jobs engine is spluttering.

High-profile City clients dismiss hordes of IT workers, blaming restructuring.

‘UK’s economic recovery has seen the IT jobs market in the capital rebound.’

‘Social media heavyweights with a technology streak should be £35,000 better off.’

The biggest pool of perm and contract jobs in Scotland is reserved for techies.  

Never so bleak: the prospects of IT contractors looking to the state slump to a new low.

Crisis-hit sector will still provide IT contractors with the most work, Giant poll shows.

SQL, C and C# developers dominate ad space, whether contract or full-time.

‘A cooling in the City so slight that it may signal IT contractor demand has a stronger toehold.’

Some return for those umbrella and limited company workers who invested in their skills – APSCo.

More IT contractor jobs than a year ago, but cost concerns have hirers ‘very cautious’.

May saw IT contractors steal a small but significant edge on their permanent counterparts.

Contractor bidding war intensifies, as insurers launch five-figure deals to win Solvency II skills.

‘Alarming’ number of rank-and-file IT staff want to jump ship before September.

End-users’ hiring woes dominated by a lack of niche and technical skills – CIPD/Hays.

IT workers at the state’s work department face losing their jobs to Bangalore.

Banks took their foot off the gas when hiring IT contractors in May.

Demand for IT contractors in May fell to a new low for 2011. Still, there’s ‘hope’.

Capita will help Birmingham take the unenviable title of first local authority to offshore IT jobs.

Overall stability should soften the blow of banks issuing fewer IT contractor jobs.

Supermarket ‘buy-back’ deals rack up IT contractor rates by a quarter.

‘Marked growth’ in IT contractor demand, in spite of April offering only 18 billable days.

Perm or contract, workers with IT skills were April’s most sought-after – REC.

Freelance and contract security staff thrown in front of permies as a pay shield.

Clients on a clock replace skills gaps as the signpost to IT contractor opportunities, says Volt.

New IT recruitment data show staying freelance was the right move if jobs and money matter.

Culture, quality and pay appear better abroad, say two-thirds of UK IT workers.

Improving market for financial IT contractors suggests the hiring pause has passed.

Taking a holiday is how one would-be IT contractor wants to leave permiedom early.

£250m shot in the arm for the capital’s IT staffing contenders.

A mass reboot of tech projects is powering IT contractor demand to historical heights.

Across technology areas of the market, employers are in job-creation mode, says Reed.

Fraudsters try to exploit the shorter time but higher commission of contract hiring.

Brighter jobs and pay picture for techies doesn’t look good to cash-strapped IT departments.

‘Only marginal growth in freelance hires doesn’t look positive for IT recruitment.’

‘Things not looking so rosy’ for financial IT contractors, as their stock of new jobs plunges by a third.

January’s IT contractor market was more buoyant than any time during 2010.

Reliable route for IT contractors looks blocked by permie training.

It's where you belong; say new hedge funds offering guaranteed bonuses, plus perks.

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