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Contractor Job News

Including 100,000 this year, most of whom will have never worked in IT.

Twenty months for the lead techie who fraudulently boosted his loyalty cards.

Reed's hiring index charts IT at the fore of a ‘steady’ recovery.

Tech market tipped to lead business services out of recession and into recovery.

Quarter of the workforce on the make with meals, mileage and entertainment.

Management accused of treating the IT department worse than the rest.

First upturn in IT contractor hiring since June, as clients 'look to growth in 2011.'

‘Rush to comply’ sees insurers offer juicy premiums to IT systems staff.

Leading analysts and agents tell CUK what the new year will bring IT contractors.

Highest quarterly number of non-EU arrivals suggests the ICT 'loophole' is widening.

Bidding war paying out to one in five techies threatening to walk.

Job candidates take pooh-poohing agents to a whole new level.

'Limitless numbers' of low-paid, non-EU IT staff exempt from UK immigration cap.

IT leads the handful of sectors keeping UK jobs out of the red.

Small change from £300 for those on the bench wanting a one-month contract.

Money and jobs for some online programmers are in abundance, says Elance.

Corporates cutting back the IT department will hit project staff the hardest.

Legal aid for an IT contractor with a never-beginning start date.

Revenue’s bid to be a national payroll bureau looks ominous for contract staff.

Public or private, the chances are the chance for you to renew can't come soon enough.

For excluding work permits, state immigration plans are nonsensical, says APSCo.

Guaranteed income per placement gives agents a better night's sleep.

Ten signposts to where demand in the capital is hottest for IT contractors.

Only bright spot for IT workers is that the worst may be over, 'hopefully.'

Slowdown in 'big-ticket' tech deals hasn't left the IT sector less acquisitive.

Lawyer's tips to a contractor whose new role was revoked.

'IT pay in northern regions grows three times faster than in London.'

Agencies report a marked increase in demand for IT contractors.

Privacy watchdog stalks firms with a hundred times the biting power.

Financial scrutiny looms for IT and recruitment companies.

IT sector is the biggest cause of a 'medium-term concern' for the UK economy.

Techies 'in the trenches' better-placed for premiums than those in command.

Jitters return, putting financers' IT spending plans back into the red.

Half of IT job-seekers think experts are wrong to see recovery next year.

India's top technology giants are bypassing the UK IT workforce, says APSCo.

IT emerges as the only area of new spending not to face cuts.

Top taxman wants to build trust with business, up close and personal.

Hirers are increasingly hooking up job-seekers in search of the truth.

Recession has proved an opportunity for leading software and internet firms.

'No compunctions' about rethinking EU workers' directive, says Tory MP.

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