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Contractor Job News

Mobile phone retailer set to become the UK's biggest home broadband provider.

Home Secretary says Brits could provide their biometrics while shopping.

Health bosses told data sanctions for its hospitals are a 'stark reminder.'

Surge in cyber crime will help security staff keep the downturn at bay.

America's IT job market enters recession.

'UK multinationals should be forced to give domestic staff first refusal on jobs.'

Like business, the military remains on the look out for technical staff.

'Do more for less' demands are incoming to UK IT departments.

IT staff among the losers of a failed attempt to get the government to rethink.

Job-seekers told to get more clued up if they want to work.

Freelancers told of their eligibility to claim Jobseeker's allowance.

Mobile leader vows to preserve its full-time IT staff.

Britain to lead a $40bn global write-off in banks' IT spending – analyst.

Big rise in foreign techies coincided with a cull of British IT staff.

Protest forces the government to rethink its plans on data sharing.

Schools are failing to push pupils on or towards ICT.

Eastern Europe holds its lead in the global ICT race.

Economic storm fails to cloud Cisco's vision for now until 2013.

Financers join the protest against hiking the VAT costs of temporary staff.

Software maker settles the difference with staff it laid off.

Even historians and dieticians feel the strain more than techies.

'Resignation more acceptable to us than bowing to coercion.'

State to ask job-seekers how many they've had, for the well-being of the economy.

Blowing your own trumpet on a par with delivering the project, CIOs are told.

Last-minute shoppers got a deal they wouldn't have bargained for.

Joblessness and protest make an adviser's hunch more creditable.

Government reveals asylum seekers' applications are missing in transit.

Brown:'Digital industry and networks to be Britain's backbone for years to come.'

Agent's database suggests insurers are the safest bet for financial IT workers.

Privacy group fears for the effectiveness of the Data Protection Act.

'Deepest recession in 20 years is not the time to hike the costs of hiring temps.'

Paranoid types are vindicated for blaming their woes on the office.

Revenue puts up £205,000 for its new CIO.

The US and Britain connect broadband with economic recovery.

Futurologist: 2009 will bring more change than any other year this decade.

Lost ID pass ushers in what experts fear will be the biggest year for data loss.

US tech hub logs off early after months of slowing sales.

Centrality of software to UK outfits holds it in good stead - analyst.

There are always winners and losers in a recession. Where should contractors steer their careers next year?

IT lessons will update primary school children for the digital age.

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