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Money News

Government U-turns its plan to cut tax filing times for the self-employed.

Eastern Europeans plunder child benefits to build on foreign shores.

Tax experts tell Gordon Brown, 'less levies should be explored, not ignored.'

Advisors warn that less time for self-assessment will cause tax chaos.

The taxman unveils his latest recruit – and this time, resistance will be futile.

Tony Harris of ContractorMoney reveals how the biggest shake-up in pension rules for 50 years affects IT contractors.

Thousands hit for returning their self-assessment form before the January deadline.

The Chancellor delivers his 10th annual Budget speech, pledging to widen the research and development tax credit.

HMRC asks TV viewers to help them 'do something about' tax flouts.

Although there looks to be exciting opportunities for contractors in the new pensions simplification rules that come into force on 'A' (appointed) Day, it has become increasingly clear that a degree of caution is required.

Revenue and Customs strive to bar tax treats from VAT registered firms.

Taxman set to bring experts in-house for the inside word on your tax affairs.

The taxman is under fire for billions of pounds of tax going astray, but thankfully it's not their fault – it's the taxpayer's.

Contractor Money look at the year ahead for freelancers.

Twenty-day countdown until ltd company owners face £100 fine.

Contractor Money's Tony Harris suggests poor IT lies behind Brown's U-turn on pensions.

UK's growing Web presence defined by enterprise buying rather selling online.

Experts fixing taxman's IT system costs Government almost GBP 25million within six years.

Expert warns imminent decision on VAT could claim a 'big chunk' of money from UK businesses.

Tax burden soars over 12-month period, as Revenue rakes in weekly extras of £317 million.

Charterhouse look at a new report speculating that corporation tax will rise under the present government – impacting on limited companies receiving the lion's share of their money through dividend payments.

Revenue clueless over number of wrongly issued fines, that taxpayers won't hear about until they demand to be paid.

Revenue's attempt to simplify self-assessment, gives rise to tougher penalties for UK professionals.

Chancellor promises a 'more humble government' to deliver enterprise a new model of business regulation.

Everyone a winner under Conservative fiscal policy to cut taxes by £4bn in first budget.

Employers queuing online for £250 get the blame for bringing down the taxman.

Chancellor's Budget will cost us dearly in next three years, warn business leaders losing faith in Brown.

Absent of tax treats for contractors, experts and CUK rip into the heart of Gordon Brown's 2005 Budget.

Gordon Brown delivers his ninth Budget saying it is right to choose the "prudent course for Britain"

Experts tell CUK Brown will take centre stage on March 16 to deliver a Budget of 'tax tinkering.'

Online entrepreneurs in the world's favourite market place brace themselves for taxing times.

With a General Election looming just 19 days from the Budget, will Gordon Brown be tempted to issue tax treats for contractors?

Contractors have a window of opportunity to open a stakeholder pension to secure the current advantageous terms for any future investment.

Brown looks likely to hit employees and employers with stinging NI increases, and tells us all to be more enterprising.

Downed website and late e-mail grants two weeks extra for tardy tax returns.

Revenue merger threatens enterprise with 'search and seize' powers in UK homes.

Contractor Money asks whether The Great British love affair with property is over?

Gordon Brown has come under fire from advisors and accountants over plans to cut tax incentives for limited liability companies.

Revenue fails to reap rewards from blundered tax investigations.

IR raises interest rates to 7.5 per cent to get "money for nothing" on late payments.

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