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Money News

Be prepared, whenever you need to prepare, for VAT going electronic.

Taxman cheered for improving the lot of those with small retirement pots.

Latecomers face the full force of the Revenue’s revamped penalty regime.

Not even a fifth of tax workers want to help HMRC meet its objectives.

Only right that distributions are treated fairly for tax purposes, HMRC is told.

Blaming your accountant for accounts being late won’t wash with Companies House.

A quiet relaxation of HMRC rules returns a one-off investment and tax-saving opportunity.

HMRC seizures up four-fold from business owners who don't pay promptly.

Unpaid contractors head to the bottom of the pile if they break a promise.

The chancellor receives a poor rating on his credit fix for small companies.

Five ways IT contractors can tackle that same client who never coughs up on time.

IFA joins the OBR to calculate what the chancellor’s figures really mean.

Accountant balks at how much HMRC’s income from investigations is soaring.

Tax officials chasing 6,000 HSBC customers are by no means always right.

How much of your monthly pay gets siphoned off in tax coming to a screen near you.

Business owners are no longer settling for 70 days of unsettled invoices.

Prospective suppliers are increasingly being judged on what the courts have to say.

High street lender now accepting contractors who have only two years' accounts.

What a contractor needs to do when waiting for their first tax bill.

Buying a fridge is good practice for those eyeing stocks and shares ISAs.

One-person firms and the IT sector defy another day of payment being delayed.   

‘How to agree payment terms with a client is by far the biggest headache.’

Scores for the smallest companies come with a 150% variation rate – study.

HMRC’s new penalty regime is returning a record number of notices for late filing.

Government urged to get more out of contract workers – the economy’s ‘natural accelerants’.

Revenue readies fixed penalty notices for latecomers, even if tax due is tax paid.

Revenue pledges to keep narrowing the gap between tax due and tax collected.

Revenue ready with an automatic fixed penalty, even if there is no tax to pay.

Measures to make sure tax owed is tax paid are bearing fruit – Alexander.

Fixed compensation for the slow-to-get paid could be a reality as soon as next year.

The clock is ticking for the disclosure of unpaid and unregistered VAT.

HMRC tipped to unveil ‘honesty-inducing’ tax returns – and a cash prize. 

A growing number of small suppliers suggest ‘head in the sand’ is better than credit checking.

'Three years’ accounts to get a mortgage is proving too tall an order, too often.'

Unprecedented opportunity, says HMRC getting paid to probe for income anomalies.

Money experts investing other people’s cash are losing confidence in stocks and shares.

Survival of tax deferral scheme, and many small businesses, is in doubt.

Chancellor sounds closer to cutting income tax for top earners.

‘Successive failings and widespread problems at HMRC paints a disturbing picture.’

Limping in with £1,000 mostly returns a nasty surprise unless the small print says otherwise.

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