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Money News

Credit expert says the government’s plan to tackle lax payers falls short.

An unprecedented number of Britons are lawfully sheltering their savings from HMRC.

Revenue says sorry to half a million taxpayers and grants a 30-day grace period.

Maude tells state IT contractors to pay well within 30 days to avoid blacklisting.

Cheques bounce back from the brink following ‘listening’ by the banks.

Small companies still bearing too much of the UK’s weighty tax burden - IoD

State IT contractors told to pass prompt payment down the supply chain, or else.  

Savers reminded of their right to shake off pitiful interest rates.

‘Drawn out’ tax compliance checks should be no more, at least in 10 locations from June.

Revenue tries the carrot and stick approach to recoup £7bn from ‘law-breakers’.

‘Worrying’ rise in the number of self-employed traders going to the wall.

Survey: property & ISAs are the preferred means to save for contracting’s end.

Fate of cheques far from sealed, as a new inquiry into their pros and cons begins.

Revenue takes aim at workers who retain tax while continuing to dispute a liability.

The contentious spot-check initiative on company records is being trialled as Test & Learn.

Advisors to self-employed say their clients will benefit from state pension reforms.

Helpful to contractors, a concession to cancel unfair tax demands is now in force.

Revenue’s IT upgrade shortens the advantage of filing your VAT return online.

Revenue urged to rethink its plan to spot-check 50,000 small companies. 

For better or worse, simpler ways to keep up with tax and accounting appear incoming.

OTS: Firms want an end to the income tax and national insurance mismatch.

Single-person firms face heftier penalties, up to £3,000, for lax book-keeping.

Sole trading vs limited company tips for a contractor worried about failure.

Letters sent to 12,000 self-employed people suspected of tax fraud.

Government accused of dealing an avoidable ‘blow to small businesses.’ 

Sweetest ISA deals for almost a year – and the allowance hasn’t even gone up yet.

No longer realistic to hide offshore, says HMRC readying heftier penalties.

Higher or lower? Mobile and landline bills are a lottery when charging you VAT.

Revenue cancels more than half of penalties for 'careless' tax returns.

Registrar flooded with appeals against £150 fines following December’s cold snap chaos.

Taxman's 'light touch' with mistakes won’t extend beyond the odd VAT error.

Employers can no longer force people to retire because of their age.

Let-go permies are why the newly self-employed are more likely to be in debt.

Treasury will nullify the tax advantage of employee trusts from April.

CIOT: Government should now say when, if at all, additional tax rules may be backdated.

Revenue's tougher stance is bad timing for VAT-registered companies.

Low arrangement fees make a second income even more tempting to contractors.

IFA: Credit crunch-busting rates will release contractors trapped by their initial lender.

And sub-contractors shouldn’t be out of pocket for longer than a month.

FSA slaps mortgage firms for threatening to pull home loans to the self-employed.

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