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It’s probably only us truly independent contractors who can untie the Gordian knot of off-payroll.

To recruiters who use brollies the taxman has published inadequate guidance -- a list of must-dos bereft of any new directional detail.

A dispassionate look into the arrangement at the centre of a heated, public disagreement on LinkedIn.

The taxman just missed an opportunity by not denouncing clients who get off the hook by imposing off-payroll indemnities on agencies.

Buckingham Wealth; Hive Umbrella, PAYE Services, Bluestar Associates, Excala Solutions, Griffith Anderson and Rainbowpay get ‘named and shamed.’

Everything ranging from the taxman conceding to retrospective legislation is being foreseen in wake of the BBC presenter’s court victory.

The taxman is now seeking to recover covid cash from PSC directors, personally, even where they took advice, professionally.

Here's your invitation to be part of a ground-breaking industry milestone (and get a little justice while you’re at it).

The Loose Women presenter triumphs in a ‘finely-balanced’ case, after being forced for the fourth time to defend her outside IR35 status in court.

International Men’s Day 2023 rightly recognises that too many men are no longer with us, too often because they couldn’t share with us. What can you do to change that?

A surprisingly unknown but freshly updated bit of HMRC guidance could save contractors’ agencies from hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax liabilities.

‘The only good news’ of Autumn Statement 2023 is unravelling, due to not all contractor tax advisers being convinced.

A mutual offering to contractor PSCs sounds a bit 'meh.' But in key areas, that’s exactly what this chancellor managed.

Chancellor offers 111, not 110 pro-business measures, while boosting umbrella contractor take-home pay by up to £750 a year.

Jeremy Hunt delivers ‘an Autumn Statement for a country that has turned a corner…an Autumn Statement for UK growth.’

Today’s a big acid test for our well-heeled chancellor. But for the good of your home loan, property, or investment, will he pass it?

Don’t hold your breath, as it’s only the starting pistol to turning around the business turnaround sector which has just been fired.

A new era of fraudulent interviews (now in progress) needs to be stamped out by the professional community.

Slow and steady is inflation’s new trajectory, helped massively by a sharp drop in October -- which should now ease contractors’ interest rate fears.

A course correction by a chancellor promising ‘an AS for growth’ bodes well for enterprise, tax cuts, and even contractor take-home pay.

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