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What is Guild Freelancing?

Guild Freelancing is an engagement and payments service for all freelance contractors and their users, covering sectors such as rail, automotive, infrastructure, engineering, and transport.

Guild Freelancing handles sole trader status and IR35 compliance for the contractors they engage at no cost to clients, making it much easier for businesses to manage their contingent workforce in a tax-compliant manner. With Guild Freelancing’s in-house tax and legal experts in place, all clients will need to do is specify their contractors’ pay rate, and when the time comes to pay the contractors, Guild Freelancing will take it from there.

Part of the Guild Group, Guild Freelancing is an intermediary whose team of experts with more than two decades of experience in contractor payments and status compliance. In over 20 years, no engagement has been challenged or recategorised, which speaks to The Guild’s proven track record.  In the unlikely event that HMRC intervention arises, Guild Freelancing both absorbs the risk in respect of PAYE and indemnifies clients for their additional comfort.  The risk is also insured with a global underwriter.


How does this contractor payments service work?

All contractors engaged and paid by Guild Freelancing are given a bespoke tax assessment to verify that they can work as legitimate freelancers. The compliance team that manages this process has an in-depth understanding of tax and employment law, with ex-HMRC inspectors making up part of their specialist team. Once approved, contractors are ready to be paid by Guild Freelancing in accordance with clients’ wishes and using clients’ funds.

Whether concerned about tax risk, contractual liability or the difficulties of attracting talent in a limited resource pool, Guild Freelancing can relieve your headaches by providing solutions that are compliant and insurance-backed. This opens the opportunity for you to hire contractors without risk and to be more profitable with a contingent workforce.


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