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Umbrella Company - Guides and Tips

Contractors' Questions: Do umbrella companies have to offer insurance?

2nd November, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

A new tax evasion offence may be behind a 'request' to close your brolly.

4th October, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

Expert aid for a contractor whose recruiter doesn't like the cut of his umbrella's jib.

11th May, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

Ex-inspector probes why umbrella users contribute as both employee and employer.

11th April, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

How Pay-As-You-Earn fluctuates between umbrellas, recruiters and end-users.

23rd March, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

Umbrella opens up about pay, to a PSC stuck with short contracts requiring overnight stays.

23rd February, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

Payroll expert provides top tips to a contractor wanting to stick to what they know.

14th February, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

Agencies are among the many forces making umbrellas the favourable option.

11th January, 2017 | Umbrella Companies

April rule changes let umbrellas swallow leftovers from your food expenses pot.

25th August, 2016 | Umbrella Companies

Legal support (but no leg to stand on) for a contractor feeling conned out of £1,200.

16th June, 2016 | Umbrella Companies