CV Writing: Advice and Guides for UK Contractors

Your LinkedIn profile and CV don't have to be red flags to HMRC.

As a contractor seeking new opportunities in the current, competitive jobs market, having an up-to-date CV that really sells your capabilities and achievements is absolutely essential.

Building up an extensive network of clients and prospects is really useful for an IT contractor, particularly in today’s very competitive jobs market.

Jumping the first hurdle to ensure your CV Is read.

Agents and line managers are turning their backs on the conventional wisdom.

Thinking outside the box about CV designs is how to find yours in the bin.

Key aspects of a CV can make the difference between it being filed in the bin and being sent to a prospective client.

Industry experts provide a template & checklist to ensure your CV makes the grade.

Now you have the information down on paper, how best to present it?

Recruitment experts suggest that every application should be followed up within 7-10 days if you have not had a personalised response.

A jobs market in the doldrums should see resumes revived.

To get a decent contract, you must have a decent CV. We have outlined the key things you should bear in mind when creating your resume.

Contractor's Questions

'However you look at it, your recruiter shouldn't be listed as your employer if you’re 'Ltd.''

Friday's free seminar looks ideal for a contractor trying to show off yesteryear's achievements.

To go direct-to-client, it's often who you know (not what you know) that matters.

How to tell a powerful testimonial from pointless puffery.

Recruiter helps a permie hoping Head of Development is a good stepping stone.

CV expert helps an IT contractor worried his design might distract.

Placing is paramount if you and your links are to connect with the decision-maker.

Accendo’s Russell Dyer on whether the Curriculum Vitae is ready for the digital age.

Expert advice for an IT contractor trapped by two agents.

CV tips for a freelancer back to the market after a month-long jaunt.

Contractors must resist telling untruths to get ahead, says Accendo.

IT Coach points out the fine line between lying and 'being economical with the truth.'

IT contractor ponders whether coming clean will do more harm than good.

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