Contractor Expenses

Guide to Expenses and Travel

Former taxman Bob Jones explains how the time is calculated with regards to contractor expenses.

Checklist of allowable IT contractor expenses.

For IT contractors operating their own limited company, understanding the intricacies of tax-deductible expenses can mean the difference between just getting by and real profitability.

Charging expenses back to the client is common, but there are important ground rules that have to be followed if you wish to avoid falling foul of VAT regulations.

The general view of HMRC is that working for an agency does not qualify for travel expenses.

With an umbrella company, mileage and general travel expenses can be allowable.

If you are a contractor working through your own limited company and are outside IR35 then life is very simple.

Meal allowances are a valid expense for contractors – when it is a travel expense. To be allowable a meal allowance has to be an expense of travel.

The who, what and when of claiming expenses for training, by tax expert Bob.

Ex-taxman Bob Jones on the allowable expenses when working at home part-time.

Former taxman Bob Jones on how to make the most of relief on the road.

What you can claim and how – an overview for on-the-road contractors working for themselves.

Downloadable chart to keep track of your contractor business when it’s on the road.

Fifth in a CUK download series of 2-minute guides, by experts for IT contractors.

Umbrella's checklist of the most popular 'wholly, exclusively and necessary' expenses.

Contractors' Questions

Expert aid on the 24-month rule for an IT contractor going 'Ltd' to supply a previous employer.

Tips for IT freelancers on overseas contracts facing costs on non-business days.

Tax guidance for putting company purchases on your personal credit card.

Expert tax advice for IT contractors who buy equipment prior to incorporating.

Advice on expenses for an IT contractor in France travelling back to the UK each week.

Expenses aid for IT contractors asked to fork out for their own interview.

Accounting aid for a contractor with client receipts dating back to 2007.

Tax aid for a self-employed techie sitting on four years of allowable receipts.

Why an 'inspirational' trip for your freelance business won’t wash with the taxman.

Tax aid for when sole traders or limited company owners buy kit for their business.

Understanding the main types of costs you’ll incur is key to knowing what’s recoverable.

‘At-home’ consultants could shave 25% off their house’s running costs.’

‘On your credit card, out your pocket or from petty cash? It’s all the same to HMRC.’

Ex-taxman on what’s best for a cost-conscious contractor looking at Plan B.

Daily updating isn’t necessary if it’s the same road and role every day.

How contractors can still claim expenses when they don’t have receipts.

Timely advice for when ‘one for the road’ pushes you over the limit.

Expenses tips for an umbrella company contractor seeking relief on the road.

Umbrella company contractors are covered for kit, assuming it’s essential.

Start-up expenses for contractors can be recouped, but not unconditionally.

It's unwise to generalise with expenses, but in some circumstances 'Ltd' has the edge.

Paperwork headache to hit a contractor who was caught in an emergency without cash. 

Top tips for limited company contractors investing in a professional 'look and feel.'

Tax tips for a limited company contractor eyeing a new set of glasses.

Ex-taxman helps a new IT contractor hoping his food claim won't be in bad taste.

When travel costs as a self-employed consultant are and aren't deductible.

‘£150 per employee lets you kick-off a party in style, just don’t spend a penny more.’

One IT contractor's current and future arrangements are ripe for reimbursements.

Expenses aid for a would-be contractor feeling stung by the travel costs of a new opportunity.

Expert helps a contractor hoping to get two lots of tax relief on his IT course.  

An IT inspector is told how to ensure expenses are all present and correct.

Half of the relief he wants is due to a techie who's touched down in London from Toronto.

Top tax tips for an IT contractor on how to expense board as well as bed.

Top tips on getting covered when contractors drive to and from a client’s site. 

Expert helps a duped agency contractor work out what he may (or may not) be owed.

Expert helps a contractor wanting a tax deduction on formal wear and food.

'Engineering a contract around the rules won’t impress HMRC.'

Accounting aid for a 1,000-mile round trip contractor daunted by renewal.

London to Brighton is the type of 'significant distance' a client must move if you want to claim afresh.

Umbrellas (not contractors) will carry the can for undue tax relief on drink expenses.

Travel expenses rules are less liberal than one limited company director hopes.

Lights, curtains and blinds have stronger ties to the home than the office.

Top tips for a contractor hoping to get back what his company forked out.

Nothing agreed beforehand (orally or otherwise) means nothing's due.

Meeting his client is an allowable expense for one IT contractor, even once T&S tax relief is restricted.

Law firm pinpoints what is and isn't claimable post-April.

A trio of considerations face one IT contractor, just so he can claim for necessary travel.

Three factors determine if accommodation closer to the client looks claimable.

Tax expert gently reminds a PSC contractor that he is an employee, albeit of his own company.

Tax advice for an efficiency-conscious PSC, who's eyeing her boyfriend's employer-provided medical cover.

The taxman's clear intentions haven't translated into clarity for one confused contractor.

The 40% rule seems to save a PSC in breach of the 24-month rule.

Expenses aid for a PSC hoping to ease the pain of mouth and eyecare.

Tax directions for an on-the-road contractor, wanting a green light to claim petrol costs.

Top tips for a PSC planted in South Africa finding it fruitless contacting HMRC.

'It's not what it says on the tin that makes it allowable or not; it's how you use it.'

Tax expert steps in to address a property-developing 'Ltd,' in dispute with his accountant.

SDC, not his wife, seems to be the main issue for a contractor inbound from South Africa.

Only a few options, including the unspeakable, for an ex-PSC at a local authority that's not local.

Light or reliant? The level of internet usage is a key to knowing if you can claim.

Top tips on claiming from HMRC, for an on-the-road contractor on a bundled rate.

Latest Expenses News

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