More Contractor Expenses Questions

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A director seeking faster home-broadband gets the green light, assuming supplying clients is the main motivator.

Top tips for limited company directors who don’t want HMRC to clock their wrist device.

Explainer on expenses for contractors needing to outlay for items they didn’t factor in, like cover.

Tax tips for a contractor whose home-based role requires two trips to the Middle East.

A contractor needs to make clear it’s the 5-device coverage that’s ‘wholly’ necessary; not the add-ons.

It’s the 'wholly and exclusively' test that matters, whether you’re using the CJRS or not.

‘Agree to the purchases for a peaceful lockdown – just don’t put them on your PSC unless you want to hear from HMRC.’

It’s got to be all business (not personal), if you put a résumé and profile on your company.

How a dinner-accommodation package priced at almost £300 is still tax deductible.

'Engineering a contract around the rules won’t impress HMRC.'

Expert helps a contractor wanting a tax deduction on formal wear and food.

One IT contractor's current and future arrangements are ripe for reimbursements.

Expenses aid for a would-be contractor feeling stung by the travel costs of a new opportunity.

Light or reliant? The level of internet usage is a key to knowing if you can claim.

Top tips for a contractor hoping to get back what his company forked out.

Top tips for a PSC planted in South Africa finding it fruitless contacting HMRC.

A contractor cautious about HMRC can include the computer’s full cost, not just half of it.

'It's not what it says on the tin that makes it allowable or not; it's how you use it.'

SDC, not his wife, seems to be the main issue for a contractor inbound from South Africa.

Top tips on claiming from HMRC, for an on-the-road contractor on a bundled rate.

Only a few options, including the unspeakable, for an ex-PSC at a local authority that's not local.

Tax expert steps in to address a property-developing 'Ltd,' in dispute with his accountant.

Tax directions for an on-the-road contractor, wanting a green light to claim petrol costs.

Expenses aid for a PSC hoping to ease the pain of mouth and eyecare.

Tax advice for an efficiency-conscious PSC, who's eyeing her boyfriend's employer-provided medical cover.

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