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Should I switch from a limited company to an umbrella company due to IR35 changing?

IR35-inspired income guide, showing if you're caught, not caught or with a brolly.

Feb 21, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Where do the off-payroll rules catch consultancies?

IR35 expert demystifies what happens from April for a PSC working alongside consultancy staff.

Feb 20, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Where are the public sector's off-payroll rules retrospective?

Lawyer spells out what the new IR35 rules say, and what could actually happen in practice.

Feb 16, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Do umbrella companies contribute to contractors' private pensions?

Payroll expert provides top tips to a contractor wanting to stick to what they know.

Feb 14, 2017
How public sector contractors can fight IR35 decisions from April 2017

Five steps that contractors who want to fight will take if clients rule against them.

Feb 10, 2017
Public sector contracting April 2017: IR35 changes FAQ

What the new off-payroll rules mean; when they apply and who's affected.

Feb 9, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Is PSC contracting at a local authority inside April's IR35 changes?

Tax expert plots how the new IR35 rules will apply to PSCs at local authorities.

Feb 9, 2017
Apprenticeship Levy: how it'll hit contractors

Overview of the overlooked stealth tax, facing brolly contractors from April 6th.

Feb 7, 2017
Public sector IR35 guidance -- four new HMRC documents published

At-a-glance: the guidelines that public PSCs, clients and fee-payers need to know about.

Feb 6, 2017
Overseas contracting in 2017: where it’s hot for UK contractors

The top five hotspots luring more UK contractors to their shores.

Feb 3, 2017
10 hottest IT contractor certifications for 2017

Where to up-skill to help yourself get head and shoulders above the crowd.

Feb 1, 2017
Contractors' Questions: What's the best way to buy a car for contracting?

Expert navigates an on-the-road PSC looking to take the least taxing route.

Jan 31, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Can PSCs fight a public client's IR35 decision?

No formal appeals process if your status is 'wrong' restricts how you can challenge.

Jan 26, 2017
Contractors' Questions: Can I salary-sacrifice using my loan via a limited company?

No salary to sacrifice makes an expat's idea a non-starter, quite apart from HMRC's view.

Jan 23, 2017
Contractors' Questions: What if the Employment Status Service doesn't work?

Poor uptake of the ESS would be just the ticket to stop a private sector rollout.

Jan 19, 2017