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Why you need to be clear on the scope of duties at the outset, before any dispute arises.

What the IT sector's tiniest consultancies should take from a battle between two of its giants.

PCG offers guidance on new IR35-unfriendly contracts being foisted on freelancers.

You can’t afford to skim-read amid new clauses for persons who are ‘controlling’ or ‘off-payroll.’

A contract ruled as illegal is no basis to bring claims on the rights it may afford.

Incurred or to be incurred? That is the question which robbed a bank of its losses.

Even lawful ‘bullying’ tactics can render your contract unenforceable – IT lawyer.

Barrister, John Antell, on getting the contract right.

Contracts for services that reflect the arrangements are still determinative of status – Lawspeed.

Why the courts could be about to make consultancy agreements more appealing.

Seven questions IT freelancers should ask about their contract.

Legal aid on fighting cuts to your pay, duration and contract.

Legal aid for when agents, clients and contractors go back on their word.

Legal aid for when contractors are pushed to accept the unacceptable.

What should you be wary of before agreeing a contract with your agency or client? There are two broad areas that contractors should be concerned with - exposure to commercial risk and exposure to IR35 liabilities.

Legal expert on what the high court is saying about ‘subject to contract’ negotiations.

Four contractual sins for agency contractors to abhor, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

The four contract hooks that freelancers overlook, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

Clients seeking the highest standards of care have cause to redraft supplier contracts.

Why unnecessary problems are likely to loom for contractors who fire off emails, by commercial solicitor Sue Mann.

Or at least, they don’t do everything you might want them to, writes IT lawyer Richard Nicholas.

Companies can’t leave creditors out of pocket if they fold, reminds contracts advisor Paul Cox.

IT lawyer Richard Nicholas on a contractual request you can’t afford to turn down.

The five contract mistakes that freelancers make, by Cubism Law's David Buckle.

How IT contractors can win longer lasting work without paying the price.

Contractors' Questions

'Client has no leg to stand on if a knee-op makes you leave your contract early.'

Wording about bypassing is the key to getting around legal bother.

They have no greater right to reduce the rate than you have to increase it -- lawyer.

The legal lowdown for an ex-business techie, re-engaged via his inbox as a contractor.

Legal expert points a PSC towards who should sign what.

How to get a commitment to take you on in the future, signed and sealed in the present.

Law firm cautions against imposing a fee for the extra time a client invoice template takes.

Contractual tips for when you want to cut out the middle man – or men.

Law firm helps a loyalty-conscious contractor, eyeing a second income source.

Legal aid for a contractor who rejected a rival's higher rate after spotting it in his renewed contract.

The legal breakdown for a contractor written-off by a client who curbs cars on-site.

Legal points for a contractor with a client who wants to cut out the agent.

Law firm advises what to do when you overwork and get billed for the privilege.

Legal aid for an unpaid IT contractor, let go for a reason his contract doesn’t cover.

Deductions he didn’t agree to are cause for an IT temp to complain to the authorities. 

What’s reasonable sits at the heart of covenants one contractor needs to consider.

Lawyer cautions about a paperless partnership, but says it may be a reasonable approach.

Legal aid for a project contractor feeling stung by shoddy time-keeping.

Legal aid for a techie feeling stung by a clause committing him to make good any loss.

Solicitor senses room to negotiate but warns a web developer against being too demanding.

Lawyer advises an IT contractor that the real question is to opt in or out.

Legal aid for a team of IT contractors feeling stung by an agency and outsourcer.

Legal aid for a stung IT contractor sizing up a right he doesn’t have.

Lawyer cautions a Plan B contractor against inserting an 'exorbitant' interest clause.

Legal aid for an IT contractor feeling dumped on Valentine's Day.

Veteran IT contractor helps a techie hinting at making the client pay for renewal delay.

Contractual tips for a techie who expected extension, not taunts about sudden termination.

Legal adviser cautions an IT contractor against taking on his recruiter over a 4-week clause.

Legal aid for a contractor owed £7,200 by a recruiter reliant on unwritten clauses.

Legal defence tips for an IT worker under attack from an agency.

Walking away is sad but sound advice when your offered contract is put to permies.

Legal expert cautions a bored IT contractor in receipt of a tempting offer.

Legal aid for an IT contractor facing restrictions on his career and company.

Legal aid for contractors stung by 2e2 going into administration.

Limited company contractor eyeing the schedule to reflect his new working reality.

Your options; if end-users tighten up to stop a 'tidal wave' of their clients defecting to you.

Practical tips for IT contractors told to drop their pay or leave.

Expert aid for a new IT contractor left hanging after leaving permiedom.

Legal aid for an IT contractor hoping the restrictive covenants died with the agency.

Legal aid for a freelancer with more IT contract offers than he can manage.

Legal aid for an IT contractor hoping to put the client’s IP rights in shackles until he’s paid in full. 

Legal aid for an agency contractor stuck with a 12-month restriction clause.

Legal aid for an IT freelancer facing non-payment if he proves 'unsuitable'.

Expert helps an IT freelancer stuck with his contract until it ends.

Legal expert on the world of difference between a contract and a contract offer.

Legal expert says IT contractors shouldn't let agents fill in the blanks.

Legal tips for drawing up a contract agreement between 'Ltd' and client companies.

Legal aid for an IT contractor facing a sharp termination clause.

Legal aid for an IT contractor who doesn't get paid until his agency does.

Expert helps a new freelancer looking for a 'one size fits all' contract.

Expert helps an IT contractor tempted to renege his contract for a better offer.

Legal tips for when IT contractor clients don't do paperwork until day one.

Legal aid for a freelancer who 'doesn't have a leg to stand on.'

Further Reading

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