Health Insurance for UK Contractors


The freedom of contracting is great. However, you do forgo certain benefits when leaving permanent employment behind.

The various employee perks contractors lose when going it alone make you particularly vulnerable to having your income disrupted by illness or injury.

Yet as NHS waiting lists lengthen, the risk of being off sick for weeks awaiting treatment for a condition preventing you working rises. It’s here Health Insurance for contractors can offer valuable peace of mind.

Why Private Health Insurance for Contractors?

The most obvious benefit is that contractor Health Insurance lets you skip NHS waiting lists, getting treatment exactly when you need it the most. This is vital for contractors who need to get back on their feet and start earning again as soon as possible. After all, every day you can’t work is a day’s income lost.

With 4.05 million people on NHS waiting lists in England at the end of July 2020 — more than half of whom (2.15 million people) had been waiting at least 18 weeks — it’s more important now than ever.

Other benefits include access to drugs and treatments the NHS may not be able to offer due to cost, such as cutting-edge cancer care.

Also, UK contractors can pay for Private Health Insurance through their limited company, which in some cases may offer tax savings over paying for a policy personally.

How Much Does UK Health Insurance Cost?

It’s tough to provide exact premiums without knowing a bit about you. Premiums depend on your age, location and smoker status, for example. Policy factors also weigh in, such as level of outpatient cover, your excess and the hospital list you’ll have access to.

Discuss these points with an adviser to ensure you build the best contractor Health Insurance policy for your needs.

For a rough idea of cost we’ve worked with our trusted Health Insurance partner, independent protection experts Drewberry. They’ve pulled the best Health Insurance quotes from every UK insurer. The monthly premiums in the table below are for someone who is:

  • In good health
  • A non-smoker
  • Looking for a comprehensive policy with full outpatient cover
  • Willing to pay a £250 excess
  • Going to be underwritten on a moratorium basis
  • Not looking for any additional extras on their policy
  • Based in the same postcode as Drewberry’s Brighton office.
30 Year Old 40 Year Old 50 Year Old
£57.64 £73.08 £97.50

Where Can I Compare UK Health Insurance Quotes?

Drewberry helps contractors across the UK with Medical Insurance. They advise on everything from whether it’s appropriate to run cover through your limited company to simply finding the best Health Insurance for you.

By getting quotes from every provider in the market — including AXA PPP, Aviva, Bupa and Vitality — Drewberry helps contractors find the best Private Health Insurance for the best price.

Or find out more about Drewberry here.