Private Healthcare Insurance for contractors from WPA

As a contractor, you should be enjoying all of the benefits that come from leaving permanent employment. These include greater flexibility and probably a higher income, however, with this freedom comes a higher risk that your income could be disrupted by a routine operation or unforeseen illness. Every day that you are not on your client’s site is a day’s income lost forever.

Take a policy out before 31st March 2018
and get a £100 M&S Gift Card

Private Medical Insurance offers you the peace of mind that should you fall ill you can:

- Avoid the NHS waiting list.

- Get the best treatment when you need it.

- Reduce your time away from work.

- Benefit from immediate cover for you and your family.

Contractor UK is able to provide preferential rates for you and your family when purchasing Medical Insurance, Dental or an NHS Top Up scheme from WPA.

WPA Medical Pie Chart

WPA is an award winning ‘not for profit’ provident association with a heritage of over 100 years. Not believing in one size fits all, WPA tailor the right products for the right people. Offering a wide range of innovative and affordable healthcare solutions with discounts for the self-employed.

Furthermore as a contractor with Contractor UK you will benefit from additional ongoing discounts year after year on these policies:

Flexible Health

Essential –  Fast track private surgery. 

Premier –  Enhanced cover that's affordable. 

Elite –  When you want the best!





  1. Applies to ALL Contractors, the Self-employed or members of a Professional body. Whether applying individually or as a family. Examples of a Professional body include but not limited to: (Engineers, Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Consultants).Also, if you are a member of an umbrella company the promotion will apply and you will receive all the discounts below.
  2. In year 1 the Youngest Partner will get FREE medical insurance. Those applying for a single policy will receive a year 1 25% discount.
  3. For all applications through Contractor UK you will receive a 10% discount ONGOING as part of the partnership with WPA. This will start in year 2 and continue for the duration of the policy held with WPA.
  4. Mr Simon Bradley handles all enquiries on behalf of Contractor UK for WPA and will be your personal point of contact wherever you live. This is an integral part of the service we offer. He ensures all enquiries will receive a reply and illustrative pricing within 48 hours.
  5. WPA also offers a Dental policy and a range of Cash Plans offering ‘CASH BACK’ for Optical, Dental, Physiotherapy treatment and many others as well.
  6. In addition to the current promotions detailed above WPA will also offer a £100 M&S Gift card for any Private policy purchased up until the 31st March 2018.
  7. The current promotion ends on 2nd May 2018. 

For further information or quotations on the above schemes please fill out the form below.