Private Healthcare Insurance for Contractors

As a contractor, you want to enjoy all of the benefits that come from leaving permanent employment. However, with this freedom comes a risk that your income could be disrupted by a routine operation or unforeseen illness. Every day that you are not able to work is a day’s income lost.

Health insurance offers you the peace of mind that, should you fall ill, you can avoid NHS waiting lists, reduce your time away from work and access an extensive choice of hospitals and specialists throughout the UK.

What are the benefits of private health insurance for contractors?

For many people health insurance might be considered a luxury, however for contractors who do not receive benefits such as sick pay or annual leave, it really is more of a necessity in order to reduce the time away from work.

Private health insurance not only provides shorter waiting times and the ability to choose who you are treated by and where, you can also access some specialist treatments, drugs and therapies not available via the NHS, so you know you are getting the best care.

As a contractor it is also possible to pay for your private healthcare insurance via your limited company, which in some cases can be more tax efficient.

How much does private health insurance for contractors cost?

The cost of private health insurance depends on a variety of factors including:

  • Age – increases as you get older as you are more likely to need treatment
  • Location – if you live near more expensive hospitals such as in London your cover will cost more
  • Outpatient cover – costs will change depending on whether you choose to have no outpatient cover, a limited amount or full outpatient cover
  • Hospital lists – if more expensive hospitals are included in your list of hospitals you’re eligible for treatment in, your cover will cost more
  • Excess – if you are willing to pay a higher excess upfront for your treatment then your policy will cost less
  • Extras – any extras on your policy such as optical or dental will cost you more

Where can contractors get private health insurance?

ContractorUK’s trusted health insurance partners understand the needs of contractors and can help you with your health insurance. Find out more below.



Drewberry help contractors up and down the country with their Health Insurance needs.

This means advising on everything from the best policies to whether it’s appropriate to run cover through your limited company to see if you can make a tax saving.

Drewberry can supply you with health insurance quotes online from providers including Bupa, AXA, Vitalty and AVIVA.

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