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Umbrella Company

A contracting career does not necessarily mean flying entirely solo.  For many, an umbrella company represents the ideal balance between the independence of the contractor and the convenience of the employee.

Knowing the pros and cons of operating under an umbrella company can help you to make an informed decision as to the best business model for your contracting career.

What should contractors be looking for from an umbrella company?

The complexity of your payslip may be leaving you short-changed in more ways than one.

What a dispensation is and why you can only claim for expenses you can prove you've incurred.

Parasol demystifies 'We’re all in' for contractors direct to an agency or umbrella.

The practicalities of claiming maternity pay from an umbrella company.

Contractors' Questions

Required or a bonus, asks a permie wanting cover before committing to contracting.

A new tax evasion offence may be behind a 'request' to close your brolly.

Expert aid for a contractor whose recruiter doesn't like the cut of his umbrella's jib.

Ex-inspector probes why umbrella users contribute as both employee and employer.

How Pay-As-You-Earn fluctuates between umbrellas, recruiters and end-users.

Umbrella opens up about pay, to a PSC stuck with short contracts requiring overnight stays.

Payroll expert provides top tips to a contractor wanting to stick to what they know.

Agencies are among the many forces making umbrellas the favourable option.

April rule changes let umbrellas swallow leftovers from your food expenses pot.

Legal support (but no leg to stand on) for a contractor feeling conned out of £1,200.

What contractors can do, practically, to stand a chance of passing HMRC’s SDC test. 

What comes out before and after is making one salaried IT contractor feel cheated.

One brolly's offer of a small salary and the rest as a loan has a number of issues.

A University of Life graduate and ex-taxman advises a wary contractor.

Speaking to his umbrella is best for a contractor wondering if he's covered.

Going perm is already stinging a contractor due to his umbrella doing what's necessary.

Not being under the umbrella when he worked means one IT contractor's costs aren't covered.

A newbie contractor gets much-needed reassurance over PSLs and holiday pay.

Costs you incur to help your umbrella run RTW checks are claimable.

Contractors will take the heat if their personal income tax relief isn’t allowed.

Expert reassures a new IT contractor not liking the sound of an employment contract.

'There's a plus to HMRC having your full employment history from April.'

Explaining the differences between claiming expenses via a limited company and an umbrella company.

Brolly contractors who want pay and expenses have three options – not all of them recommended.

Former taxman helps an IT contractor anxious about what his umbrella allows.

Expert advice for IT contractors forced to use their agency's preferred umbrella.

How far HMRC can deny tax relief for expenses on the basis of personal choice.

Expenses aid for an IT contractor whose expectations about contract length are prone to change.

Tax expert helps a temporary IT worker stumped by the 24-month rule.

What IT contractors can and can't expect umbrella companies to take care of.

Umbrella company contractor stuck on what address to give HMRC.

Legal aid for a limited company IT contractor told to use his agent's umbrella company.

Taking a break doesn't normally get round the rule on contractor expenses.

Umbrella News

Contractors must be present in person or via live video to keep their brolly compliant.

The government must become more of a sheriff in a payroll market marauded by cowboys.

From skis and sexy PJs, to biscuits and a boat - contractors have tried to claim for all sorts.

‘A fresh clampdown on expenses tax relief is cause for contractors to quiz their umbrellas.’

More wrinkles more money, at least for umbrella contractors.

New rules to test IT workers' employment status could come into force from April 2012.

Part of the tax problem with umbrella companies is of HMRC's own making, writes Bob Jones.

HMRC invites contractors to 'shop' non-compliant umbrellas using sham contracts, invalid dispensations.

HMRC ushers in a 'level playing field', and scraps the overnight Friends & Family allowance.

Revenue ready to cast a fresh eye over umbrella staff expenses.

Tightening umbrellas' allowances would help make up the UK's tax shortfall.

An industry captain's view on what the war on brollies means for the market.

Expert analysis on what the taxman's attack means for contracting.

The UK's IT contractors are almost clueless about expenses.