VAT and the Flat Rate Scheme

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Should you stay or should you go? InniAccounts crunches the numbers to help you decide.

Your IT contractor guide to compulsory and voluntary VAT registration and VAT returns.

Going flat could let IT contractors keep more of their money from the taxman.

Reclaiming VAT on your purchases as an IT contractor.

Former Customs officer on what’s in store for IT contractors if a VAT inspector calls.

What IT contractors do before the VAT man calls can make all the difference.

Contractor's Questions

When it’s worth leaving the Flat Rate Scheme, and what it means for you and HMRC.

What to do when you leave £12,000 in VAT off your invoice.

Background tips for a web designer needing a lawyer to get to the front of his situation.

Tax expert answers a new contractor thrown off by HMRC’s pay day question.

Tax tips for a contractor concerned about the gains from going flat for VAT purposes.

Adding a single line to your invoice could incentivise -- or erode your profitability.

Tax aid for a limited company techie dazed by reforms to VAT being almost never-ending.

UK suppliers of e-services facing EU consumers should act before January 2015.

How an IT contractor might cut the hassle, not just the cost, of VAT accounting.

Expert helps a new IT equipment firm, hoping to avoid tax when restocking.

Tax tips for a limited company whose first contract is overseas and above the VAT threshold.

IT traders jumping to a PSC don’t have to take their chequered VAT history with them.

Compulsory or Voluntary? With VAT, contractors fall into two categories.

'It's no good agreeing a fixed price only to forget to factor in VAT.'

Tax aid for a UK-based contractor hoping to duck VAT on services across the pond.

Compulsory and voluntary VAT deregistration: an expert replies on what you need to do if your income drops or you break from trading.

VAT expert lets down an IT contractor hoping one stray invoice won’t matter.

How to pay VAT when you’re not VAT-registered, and other tips.

VAT expert helps an out-of-pocket IT contractor facing a demand from the Revenue.

Expert aid for a project contractor being asked to duck the VAT increase.

Expert helps a VAT-registered contractor worried about coming clean to the taxman.

What VAT increasing to 20% means for IT contractor companies.

Tax tips for an out-of-pocket freelancer stuck on his client's claims about VAT in Europe.

Tax aid for an IT contractor who wrongly charged UK VAT to a Dublin-based agency.

Expert aid for a contractor whose umbrella is charging him for a non-paying agent.

Latest VAT News

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European VAT reforms will change how IT suppliers do business.