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VAT and the Flat Rate Scheme

Top Vat Guides

Struggling to pay your VAT? You are not alone…..

Help for a stuck and seemingly early stage tech entrepreneur with three businesses, who’s already not naming names for fear of HMRC.

No longer being VAT-registered is a growing trend. Here’s what the HMRC process entails.

Top tax compliance expert demystifies imminent changes to HMRC’s Value Added Tax regime.

Following a ding-dong on the costs of getting VAT wrong, here’s what PSCs signed up for MTD really need to know.

Don’t leave it until October 31st, or your own next deadline, to get something compliant in place to pay the VAT-man.

Plus, the almost half as many items where Value Added Tax isn’t recoverable (excludes grey areas).

Following on from part one, everything else PSCs need to know about VAT (includes IR35 and laptops).

Amid IR35 unknowns, get wise to an HMRC activity which can be planned for.

Should you stay or should you go? InniAccounts crunches the numbers to help you decide.

Your IT contractor guide to compulsory and voluntary VAT registration and VAT returns.

Going flat could let IT contractors keep more of their money from the taxman.

Reclaiming VAT on your purchases as an IT contractor.

Former Customs officer on what’s in store for IT contractors if a VAT inspector calls.

What IT contractors do before the VAT man calls can make all the difference.

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