Limited Companies

How the 2016/2017 dividend tax has changed and how much it will cost you. 

When, why and how to make the switch from brolly to limited. 

What dividends are; how to pay them, why and when.

Succeeding as a contractor with a ‘Ltd’ is easier if its make-up is understood.

How long it takes to form a company and what you need to do.

Ltd Co's

What’s in a name for IT contractors? Cubism Law tells CUK.

Companies House is a government agency that keeps details of every single limited company in the country.

Practical, professional and legal tips for IT contractors.

HMRC’s online documentation is littered with references to Personal Service Companies, but defining this important term, and understanding its significance for independent contractors, is a challenge.

Tips and considerations for choosing the best accountant for your needs.

Despite being one of life’s three certainties, and despite its crucial role in determining your limited company’s profitability, business taxation is often poorly understood.

Is an accountant just an expensive substitute for common sense and a little research, or can they make a genuine positive difference to your profitability?

For contractors that need to close their limited, here's how to achieve a clean and tidy separation.

The key target areas for HMRC and how to avoid a visit from the taxman.

Limited Company Money

How to realistically look at the unavoidable loss of your £3,000 tax shelter.

A rundown of how the way tax is computed on your profits is suggested to change.

Contractor accountant advises on the best way for contractors to pay for their private health insurance.

Pitfalls and pointers for a brave new ‘Ltd’ contractor, trying to tot up tax alone.

Expert navigates an on-the-road PSC looking to take the least taxing route.

Seasonal tax tips for a PSC director wanting to repay their other half's good will.

Why you'll want to ditch your tax adviser; what to look for and when to jump.

Being out of contract doesn't put salary, dividends and expenses out of bounds.

Check why the Revenue's repaying you before you start to celebrate.

Avoiding income extraction is about the only tax benefit to a landlord-tenant relationship.

Two key considerations loom for a contractor looking to share his shareholding.

Tax tips for a contractor convinced his agents and clients just won’t cough up. 

Sample letters that unpaid IT contractors can use to make clients cough up.

Tax arises no matter how a contractor gives his son a leg-up on the housing ladder.

Permie who went contracting while on leave seeks the cheapest way to extract £4k.

Profit after tax, not before it, is why distributions cannot be treated like pens and pencils.

Tax firms offering you anything over 80% invoice-value should be treated with extreme caution.

PSCs with a second director should still be able to get the Employment Allowance.

A bank account is the stumbling block to becoming limited as a non-resident.

Reassurance for a contractor who's starting-up with someone who stung HMRC.

Top tips if contractors want to play Santa without having to pay Hector.

Five ways to decrease the pain of April's dividend tax increase.

Potentially numerous ways for 'Ltd' contractors to soften the blow from April.

Only one set of HMRC rates when on the road as a business, incorporated or not.

What the Budget means in tax terms for contractor dividends.

The least-taxing way for 'Ltd' contractors to furnish a room dedicated to business.

Pointed advice for a techie at the sharp end of limited company contracting. 

Ten tax-saving steps limited company contractors should consider taking before April 6th.

Expert warns an IT contractor that the tax break when winding-up could be in jeopardy.

The options for a techie whose business has an investment offer out of the blue.

Expert helps a limited company owner wanting to wind-up tax-efficiently so he can go perm. 

Freelancer reassured that incorporating should make working from home less costly.

The least-taxing way to draw a director's loan.

The employment allowance can't be used to reduce any deemed employment payment.

The least taxing way to put thousands of pounds in rail fees on your one-person company.

What tax-savvy IT contractors shouldn’t miss in their financial spring clean.

Eight steps for limited company contractors to take ahead of Jan 31.

Tax tips for a contractor eyeing bricks and mortar in his company’s name.

‘Other than having to charge clients more, registering for VAT looks like a safe bet.’

Expert helps an out-of-pocket IT contractor, pinning his hopes on a £10,000 software project.

Six steps to ensure a salary-dividend mix keeps saving you more than it costs.

Accountant's top tips on how to ease the burden of your incoming tax obligations.

Tax expert helps a 'Ltd' contractor wanting to grant share options to his IT team.

Real Time Information reporting to HMRC is a must for the majority of businesses from April 6th.

Contractors under investigation must dance to HMRC's tune, especially with no insurance.

No contractor can afford to chance it with a taxman that rounds up rather than down.

Expert continues to spell out how sanctions facing contractors can be ruinous.

Avoid enriching officialdom by completing, filing and paying accurately and on time.

The relief 'Ltd' contractors can get if New Year means new home due to new workplace.

Credit control needn't be a tricky business for contractors, simply follow these easy, logical steps.

Contractors must fork out more to wind-up, so take the following steps to keep a lid on costs.

Mandarins should hang their heads in shame at a tax farce of their own making, says PCG.

Leading tax body on why it opposes a £25,000 cap on wind-up profits.

An earner for insolvency firms, a boon to HMRC and a £5,000 tax on contractors.

A constitutionally correct tax change spells extra costs on the owners of micro businesses wishing to wind-up. 

It’s an online thing for most contractors, but it doesn’t have to be.

InTouch Accounting on a tax-efficient way of distributing your company’s money when closing your limited.

Five steps to take once your next invoice is overdue.

The seven steps to take before your next invoice becomes overdue.

Accounting aid for an IT contractor unsure about what he’ll get taxed on.

What to look for in a world where anyone can call themselves an accountant.

When clients cut their costs, it’s only right that contractors do the same.

Measured reassurance for an aspiring limited company put off by the National Minimum Wage Act.

Three possible answers, not four, if you understand the maths of late payment.

On the ropes or on holiday? How contractors can truly tell if an agent or client is draining their lifeblood.

Knowing what to do, and when, can be the difference between zero and kerching.

Tax expert on running a ‘Ltd’ company via a third party to insulate its assets if you divorce.

The most tax-friendly ways to get your hands on your company’s cash.

The hoops out-of-pocket contractors can jump through will change from next year.

Tax aid for a consultancy whose contractors will want a stake in its new business.

Because of the level of trust required and the potential risks associated with failure, an IT contractor’s relationship with their accountant is necessarily a special one. But what should you do when it comes time to bring that relationship to an end?

Depending on your view of matters financial, your annual accounts are either an opportunity or a horror story. 

How you opt to pay yourself is an important factor in determining whether your decision to switch to a contracting career will pay dividends (literally).

Tax expert helps a soon-to-be hard-up 'Ltd' eyeing itself for an interest-free loan.

The emergency Budget retained dividends as the least taxing route for 'Ltd' contractors.

What clients claim to delay paying IT contractors' invoices, and how to get round it.

Five ways to help get your invoice paid promptly and in full.

Your invoice is your record of services sold to your client. Here is a description of what should be in an invoice and a free Word template to get you started.

Expert advice on how to extract cash when closing down your company.

Revenue quizzes 'service companies' over complex tax rules.

Legal experts, PRMS Ltd, continue their advice on how contractors can recover debt.

Legal experts, PRMS Ltd, look at how contractors can recover debt.

Ten tips from an industry expert offering advice on how to speed up tardy payment from a client - and what to do if they refuse to pay.

John Antell describes the procedure from Letter of Claim to trial and enforcement.

As a contractor, working via an agency, or working direct with a client, you may well experience the joys of 'late payment'. Not only can this cause cashflow problems, but it can also lead to breakdown of your relationship with the client/agency if invoices are not paid on time. So, what rights do small businesses have when it comes to collecting unpaid fees?

Legal Duties and Running your Limited

No good relying on the Companies Act to tell you how to do your bit, legally.

Dodging banana skins is more critical when your business and the economy are getting back on its feet.

What to consider when agents and clients demand your personal information.

Legal expert guides IT contractors through their data rights and responsibilities.

It’s visitors, not passers-by, that should be able to notice your company’s registered name.

An overview of your financial and legal obligations.

Legal expert answers an IT contractor not bothered about keeping good accounts.

Official or not, your director role can have serious consequences, says solicitor Gary Cousins.

Why having merely the potential to harm your customer could prove costly.

New rules for directors of limited companies took effect from October 2009, including the need for a 'service address'.

New rules covering trademark applications, disclosure of company details, annual return statements and share capital reductions took effect in October 2008.

A recent update to the Companies Act means contractors should display regulatory information on communications.

Further Reading

How 'Ltd' contractors are affected by quarterly reports designed to enforce false self-employment law.

Limited companies may face a liability overseas, but they’re never off-limits. 

How contractors can tackle sharing a business with the likes of Darren Upton.

One high-profile limited company user may colour the Treasury’s view of IR35.

Taxman accused of having an ulterior motive for wanting to meet the self-employed.

It wasn't me, claim directors whose dodgy dividends led to disaster.

Expert advice for a 'Ltd' IT contractor aspiring to become an agency.

Revenue is ready to visit 'at-home' entrepreneurs without warning.

Even the Inland Revenue get things wrong. If you really think the Taxman is asking for more tax than is legally due, there are ways to appeal – and taxpayers do successfully overturn tax demands and determinations.

Understanding the difference between an enquiry and an investigation. Coping with an investigation.

Inland Revenue Enquiries are very much on the increase. Tackle yours as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Avoid the pitfalls of Self Assessment tax returns and prevent problems with the Taxman

I want to complain about how the Inland Revenue treated me and how they handled my tax affairs. How do I go about this?

Assessing the cost and relative value of professional tax advisors and accountants.