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Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

The Agency Workers Regulations, "AWR", will come into force on 1 October 2011.

The legislation will give temporary agency workers the same basic rights, after 12 weeks in the same assignment, as those on permanent contracts of employment in a comparable role.

Equal treatment after the initial qualifying period will cover pay and working conditions, including overtime, breaks, rest periods and public holidays.

The definition of "agency worker" is broad; articles in this section discuss which IT contractors are likely to be within the scope of this incoming legislation and the history of the Directive to date.

'Reputation-conscious recruiters can avoid AWR admin by equalising you on day one.'

First cases saw a score draw, but all parties are worse off if fathoming the AWR’s meaning is the goal.

Lawspeed completes the list of AWR falsities still doing the rounds.

Lawspeed reveals popular AWR falsities – one for each advent calendar day.

Professional labour sector is unscathed by new rules for agency temps - REC.

Being outside the scope of the AWR isn’t as easy as agents are making it sound.

But spotting good, bad and ugly compliance is a job agents should be helping out with too, Jenrick says. 

Survey: recruiters don’t expect temps to make it past week eleven.

‘A radical rewording of the agency rules would lighten the admin load from AWR.’

Employers who cut temps to avoid the AWR look like the exception, not the rule - REC.

Clients have fresh motivation - £10,000 a head – to ensure their temps are not AWR or IR35-caught.

Your potential benefits and entitlements as a temporary worker using an agency from October 1st.

Cost concerns remain about when Saturday comes, as ‘equal treatment’ applies from day one.

‘No last-minute watering down of the AWR, contrary to press reports.’

Next month's agency worker rules could signal termination for up to half a million temps.

Only three weeks to go and end-users are still unsure about equal treatment for temps

‘Genuinely self-employed’ contracts are compliant, despite getting dished out before the changes to the AWR.

Legal expert on the AWR drafting errors which the government has now put right.

How incoming employment rules are shaping up for agents, clients and contractors.

‘Not being in business of your own account makes you AWR-caught.’

‘Little evidence their brolly is covering the Agency Workers Regulations should be a concern to contractors.’

‘Being paid in between jobs isn’t the golden ticket it may first appear to umbrella workers.’

Less bench time floated as why contractors will want the Swedes’ Agency Workers Regulations opt-out.

No more guidance for clients and agents facing the AWR on October 1st.

Penalties would compound the blackmail effect, and the agency worker rules threaten to revive it – ARC.

Third in a CUK download series of 2-minute guides, by experts for IT contractors.

Agency Workers Regulations guidance firmed up, but agents disagree what its final draft should say about the self-employed.

Agents hope final AWR guidance will help them spot genuine self-employment.

Staffing group Adecco answers contractors’ most frequently asked questions about the AWR or 'temporary workers' rights'.

As new rules loom, clients are turning to agents who are ‘ahead of the game’.

The Agency Workers' Regulations don't automatically exclude limited companies, says Lawspeed.

Danbro updates contractors on the incoming Agency Workers' Regulations.

Ministers ignore calls to give industry the last word on Agency Workers Directive for agency temps.

How to exempt the self-employed from equal treatment in the Agency Workers Directive has the state stumped.

Some limited company contractors will be directly affected by the EU agency workers' directive, writes Egos.

Limited company contractors to escape equal treatment for temps.

Government told to direct 'equal treatment' law at those who need it.

Business Secretary told to leave freelancers outside an EU directive for the vulnerable.

Legislator's wish to exempt PSC/umbrella users is 'risky and inflexible.'

New laws will give temporary agency workers at least equal treatment.

Recruiter: full employment rights for agency workers will cut IT contractors' pay.

Gordon Brown is told to end the 'blatant exploitation' of temps.

The UK wins a delay to what Europe suggests is inevitable.

Barry Roback warns that the latest proposed piece of Brussels legislation could play havoc with the market for temporary workers.

Blair backs Directive that 'potentially excludes' limited company contractors.

The government is facing tough opposition from professional bodies of the IT industry over fears its controversial EU Agency Workers Directive could harm the contract market.

Suggestions that the Government will support a European Union Directive giving temporary workers equal rights would undermine the flexibility of contracting, according to Giant.

The Department of Trade and Industry has announced its Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations which come into force in April 2004.

The Government may try to placate the Unions in the current fire dispute by diluting its opposition to the EU Agency Workers Directive says ATSCo.

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