Private Sector IR35 Reform News

April’s off-payroll rules compel professional services, banking, telecoms, oil, digital, and investment clients to no longer hire PSCs.

Off-payroll study: the ticking clock and HMRC’s track record aren’t instilling much confidence in the incoming findings.

Eight situations prove just how vital it is for PSCs to be fully fluent in April’s new rules.

The off-payroll rules will make an unwieldy mess worse. Government must revert to Taylor to avoid disaster.

Taxman told to come up with explanations and offerings for the millions stung by both covid and IR35.

Pandemic ‘survival’ mode snookers off-payroll comms from reaching most PSCs.

Our gut feeling is that the goose which lays the golden egg will be killed -- over a few bad apples. And an inability to learn.

Alert over history repeating itself, partly as you ‘sold your soul to the devil’ by forming a limited company.

Taxman will have a task accusing PSCs of gaming the system to get desirable outcomes, experts suggest.

November took the momentum out from the temp tech market’s recovery, but billings are still up.

An official forecast is downgraded to an ‘estimate.’ And then downgraded from that to ‘finger in the air guesswork.’

Don’t be like Duncan, says the taxman, in a familiar but now off-payroll-charged message.

A welcome approach, or ‘particularly inappropriate?’ Or is it worse -- enough to ‘push PSCs over the edge?’

An unapologetic Rishi Sunak fails to help contractor companies that indirectly lost his Treasury an ‘eye-watering’ sum of revenue.

New tools, new labels and new consultancies -- all should come with a health warning if you don’t wish to be an April 6th fool.

It comes from ‘that’ minister, but a statement confirming intermediaries aren’t brollies or agencies is welcomed as a ‘good start.’

Agents’ talk of 'rhythm,' 'prep' and 'adaptability' smacks of a bounce back for temporary techies.

PSCs given a pass from the taxman, and some new resources -- indicating April’s reform isn’t moving anywhere.

A ‘lifeline’ for limited companies isn’t enough, say the millions now turning to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

Hearts go out to the tiniest, one-person companies, facing a ‘perfect storm.’

What may have made PSCs ‘distinguishable’ is no more, as London, Leeds and elsewhere mandate WfH.

UK’s contractor trade body says government is disincentivising flexible work, just when it needs it the most.

Defer to the IR35 guidance, says the taxman, clearing up confusion but not apologising for it.

Six technology specialisms contractors ought to wish they had this Christmas (and beyond).

The future for umbrella businesses looks bright, based on both yesterday’s IR35 meeting and the government’s wider activities.

Off-payroll poll finds the bulk of PSCs can’t continue as they are today due to IR35 changing.

An unwieldy IR35 reform consequence that HMRC doesn’t intend for, and is going to snuff out, is creating quite the furore.

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, us and Samaritans urge you to check in on your fellow contractors, and others -- SJD.

Two TV presenters are heading back to court over status, but only one of them wants the rerun.

Consultancy giant says Control, Mutuality and Part & Parcel are swinging in contractors’ favour thanks to the pandemic.