Private Sector IR35 Reform News

Coronavirus dominates the ‘Getting it done’ Budget, under which ER reduces and IR35 reforms from April.

All but certain that ‘inexperienced’ Rishi Sunak will remove ER; forge ahead with IR35 reform.

For PSCs who have to navigate it, chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget will probably be a traffic light.

Blanket assessed or banned? A new contractor campaign force is calling you to join the fight back today.

Four decades of freelancing, for at least seven different clients, undone by IR35’s trinity.

HMT shut out its own independent adviser from having a say on changes to the ‘horrifying’ off-payroll rules.

Peers cross out their questions, concerns and recommendations on timing, due to the government going ahead.

The Treasury’s ‘light-touch’ off-payroll pledge is getting a heavy amount of scrutiny.

The deadline to give peers your take on the off-payroll rules is imminent. Act now.

Peers ask for off-payroll rule price tags which (unlike HMRC’s) won’t fade under scrutiny.

New Treasury boss fails to impress with talk of off-payroll ‘improvements’ and a ‘not heavy-handed’ HMRC.

It’s up to contractor-taxpayers to take ‘reasonable care,’ as blaming your accountant for being late won’t wash.

‘It’s tempting to think a new broom at HMT will sweep in change.’ But don’t, warn experts.

‘More concerning’ than the banks’ actions, is defence companies making do without ‘highly-skilled’ PSCs.

Loud off-payroll march gives even the ‘tin-earned Treasury’ no excuse to say it hasn’t been warned.

Off-payroll inquiry told that April’s reform should only ever be a ‘temporary sticking plaster.’

A rushed resolution to the longstanding off-payroll issue is undesirable. The softest of soft landings isn’t.

‘Third consecutive month of IT contractor demand getting deeper into negative territory warrants a delay.’

A confusing yet helpful Treasury tweak to ‘give businesses more time,’ makes any further delay look fanciful.

‘Go with the facts about how off-payroll reform has upended you, so forget ‘it isn’t fair’ rhetoric.’

As HMRC and HMT can’t rule a deferral out, contractors are called to get their written submissions in.

Taxman presses the launch button too early on more than 30 (draft) IR35 status manuals.

‘Lots’ of engagers are asking how to match their competitors so they too can operate PSCs outside IR35.

Only one word of difference in the minister’s secondary answer to two different probes about IR35 reform.

The initial drop-off in PSC numbers is projected to be significant, but so too is their resurgence.

Engagers will have 26 days between the final legislation and its launch to assess with certainty.

Debt transfer; HMRC’s clean-up plan and when an SDS isn’t an SDS, potentially. Experts weigh in.

What contractor recruitment leaders have told the chancellor about April’s off-payroll rules.

Engagers are getting covered to defuse the ticking time-bomb of you claiming for contributions.

Chancellor told the off-payroll review on the back of his pledge isn’t cutting it.