Private Sector IR35 Reform News

A defence about the sports presenter’s ‘brand’ could have produced a very different result.

There’s changes for your pitch, and even IR35 upsides, in the new normal of deserted offices.

This crisis has been very different to its forerunners. Herrings, cats, dogs, and bears. With contractors bitten and mauled.

HMRC puts one in the back of the net against Kickabout. But it’s not without those who contest it.

Cancel your ‘test’ Jesse Norman. I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

What changes PSCs can expect (or just hope for) in the official preparations for off-payroll reform.

And expecting any official measures to close or underpin it, is like waiting for Godot.

Covid-19 policy change to boost confidence comes as ‘Ltd’ directors say they’re flagging.

For people who’ve set up their own company, the news from the chancellor’s summer economic update couldn’t be less summery.

Furlough bonus, VAT cut and stamp duty holiday. Yet no respite from IR35 reform, or the reissuing of already discredited off-payroll statements.

Sympathies are being expressed. But its practicalities that contractors and their partners are being urged to focus on.

Fifty MPs, a letter by the bereaved and a pledge of suicide all fails to stop the state in its tracks, in a ‘sad,’ ‘shameful’ night in the Commons.

The contractor workforce’s intentions were clear on covid’s eve. This pandemic looks set to cement them.

Treasury minister also says no need for businesses to adjust until next year, at odds with expert advice.

Reasonable care guidance plus a three-part SDS equals being off-payroll rules-ready.

To mark the now very much incoming off-payroll rules in the private sector, heed this advice for agencies and contractors -- APSCo.

The furlough scheme has stings in its tail for PSCs, but government must now take a hands-off approach and intervene elsewhere.

‘Focus MPs' minds on a Finance Bill amendment to delay the incoming, not suspend the existing.’

Government told it must end ‘significant financial hardship’ for coronavirus-hit limited companies.

Working as and when is welcomed, despite concern in the temp sector about co-funding furlough payments.

Only today’s business hours left for contractors to speak up on the off-payroll rules.

Verdict in favour of football referees puts the boot in to the Revenue’s IR35 testing tool.

‘Get back to prepping for an April 2021 launch, because Norman’s intent is clear.’

Tory MP loses his off-payroll rule deferral bid, to an ‘unconvinced,’ ‘tin-eared’ minister who ‘should know better.’

Forget COVID, it’s actually IR35 that will cause PSCs severe (administrative) headaches.

Just 24hrs to back ‘the only way’ to find an alternative to 2021’s ‘disastrous’ off-payroll rules.

By not including the public sector, the IR35 resolution risks insulting covid-19’s ultimate risk-takers.

Off-payroll exposure adds to woe at the bank over terminations, a 'WfH' cap and fear of controlled hours.

Minister who batted away off-payroll inquiry now on the receiving end from five influential Conservatives.

The peers' inquiry into the ‘flawed’ off-payroll rules hugely vindicates contractors, and massively slams tax officials.