Private Sector IR35 Reform News

A general election is too far away for the contractor sector’s hopes and dreams to get realised by the chancellor next Wednesday.

March 15th might be an opening for HMRC to mend the off-payroll rules, but repeal by the chancellor stands ‘next to no chance.’

Chancellor called to intervene after the taxman says he’ll stand by his tool’s results 'as long as it accurately reflects the terms of the engagement.'

It may be broken in the eyes of many, but the UK’s status framework is being copied by nations trying to tighten up on disguised employment.

It’s not just during covid that contractors and other dynamos who work for themselves have been excluded by this government.

The government binning IR35 reform, only to dust it off a few weeks later, has made long hours of knowledge-sharing worth it.

Following the off-payroll shambles, who knows what the next Budget holds. But…

Badly let down by his accountants, the Sky Sports pundit and former rugby star won’t even get to tackle the taxman.

Dangerous to the truth: a mass of questionable statics is unquestionably designed to give the taxman a pat on the back.

Taxman’s short-term impact report on the off-payroll rules receives short shrift from advisers to contractors.

New platform. Better user experience. Integrated guidance. But when?

A cautionary tale for contractors about lack of focus – on a CV; on your business, on your status.

Six status scenarios playing out now, and bound to continue into next year.

Still sore from him cancelling the off-payroll rules’ cancellation, Hunt’s changes to dividends are ‘salt in the wound’ for PSCs.

Allowance cut is 'small fry in the grand scheme of things,’ but in the Green Book’s small print, the penalisation of PSCs persists.

What three contractor service providers say they’d welcome on Thursday fills one status expert with dread.

Six ways the Treasury boss can restore stability, repair the Tories’ reputation and return contracting to what it does best.

Contractors face a potentially ‘worrying’ and ‘significant’ tax hike that ‘would make operating via PSC even more difficult.’

The new Rishi Sunak-led government’s first litmus test for contractors is a little over two weeks away.

Finding clients, sorting admin, and all while navigating both Brexit and IR35? Contracting abroad isn’t for the faint-hearted, but help is at hand.

Jim Harra letting slip the off-payroll rules benefit HMRC signal that the taxman wasn’t onboard with their repeal, and won’t ever be.

The chancellor going for Budget status, while talking of ‘prudence,’ positions an off-payroll ‘consultation’ as a firmer prospect.

According to people who’ve been in the negotiating room with HM Treasury’s new boss, he’s versatile, open-minded, and not accepting of civil servants' scripts.

Contractor experts try to set aside their concerns, as the ex-chancellor who gave PSCs IR35 reform and next to nothing during covid is coronated Tory leader.

Far from reviewing IR35, Number 10’s next occupant is looking like the chancellor who built on it, with ‘deeply unfair’ reforms.

With the ups and downs on dividends and IR35 over, it’s time for calm financial reflection.

Officials effectively saying ‘as you were’ isn’t a message that can hurt contractors. Not after the ‘crazy situation’ their entire sector has just endured.

Shambolic decision-making by government on the off-payroll rules in recent years, and months, just sunk to a new nonsensical low.

The former Treasury minister says the off-payroll rules reversal may go the way of the corporation tax cancellation vow.

A PSC profits rate of up to 26.5% is back on the cards, following one chancellor’s political collapse, and his successor raising the stakes on limited companies.

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