Private Sector IR35 Reform News

Drilling down into the worrying reality that it’s now harder than ever to work on a contract basis -- courtesy of the taxman.

Penalties being issuable from today for off-payroll non-compliance could scare clients into IR35 status caution.

The mini-Budget untangled, with expert analysis on what the chancellor did and didn’t announce.

‘Nothing much’ new from the chancellor affecting contractors gives pause to tot up how much he’s giving, and taking away.

Contrary to the minister’s letter, the communicating, listening, learning taxman simply didn’t make an appearance before either off-payroll rollout.

Contractors will for once hope advisers are wrong; and HMRC is right -- that it’s ‘too early’ for any extension to be a 'done deal.'

The off-payroll rules are a disaster much of the government’s own making. But as the PAC effectively got told, ‘not to worry.’

The brolly call for evidence is answered with ‘naming and shaming,’ dates and outright bans.

What limited company suppliers should emulate from a celebrity IR35 winner who failed all three key status tests.

‘Part & parcel’ of his own PSC, the tele presenter triumphs despite the taxman going to some ‘scary’ lengths chasing £1.7millon.

Peers follow the NAO in rebuking the government on IR35 reform, but this time around, demand answers to a deadline.

Nothing new in a long letter by peers to HM Treasury just underlines how much pent-up consensus on employment status there really is.

Watchdog exposes ‘serious problems of HMRC’s own making,’ including charging non-compliant contractors the wrong amounts.

The taxman has taken on more than he knows, as the private sector is a totally different beast.

Off-payroll experts say a 79-page downplaying of the April 2017 rules renders some of the findings ‘unbelievable.’

Doubling your pay as a contractor is alluring -- less so the dozen or so costs that go with it. And then, there’s IR35.

Advisers either want the tax hike of at least 1.25% stopped or are urging action.

The off-payroll rules changed in April, but a period of time when you’re automatically caught remains absent in the framework.

‘Welcome Back’ says the umbrella, now accepting timesheets before refunding its margin to users.

The FCSA’s two other founder firms, potentially seen as ‘fat’ from IR35 reform like Giant, get hit by cybercriminals.

Festive season slowed growth for freelance techies, yet ‘short term cover’ requirements are next.

Professional freelancers’ faith in the economy, and themselves, nosedived just after the off-payroll rules hit.

Clients soon compelled to a ‘by the book’ approach looks like a boon for lots of truly off-payroll workers.

Hiring managers ticking the substitution box is central to why even the government can’t get HMRC’s rules right.

Taking end-users at their word and accepting all’s in hand could unravel. Potentially as soon as April 2022.

Continually knocking the most viable solution today seems odd, especially with algorithms assisting so many.

Tweeted about her ‘tremendous’ knowledge-gap, the new minister appeared to the Lords as the personification of the taxman’s discredited evidence.

Lucy Frazer is to be grilled on off-payroll matters by Lords who are known to lament the loan charge.

Off-payroll advisers say the evidence couldn’t be clearer, or more abundant, given there’s eight months of it.

The off-payroll probing peers make a beeline for ‘solutions,’ with CEST and SDP out in front.