Private Sector IR35 Reform News

Forget the 2021 inquiry by MPs 'How Contracting Should Work,' here's 'Why Contracting Isn't Working' in 2024.

The prolonged pursuit of the Daybreak and Radio 5 Live host is understandably taking its toll on the presenter’s mental health.

IR35 is meant to deter disguised employment, not genuine freelancing, but something has gone badly wrong -- as Adams, Street-Porter and Moore are now finding out.

A technical consultation on the April 6th off-payroll set-off is underway, so contractors can have a say. But be quick.

Top 5 reasons why off-payroll liability clauses on contractors are very likely worth the paper they’re printed on.

Markel responds to claims ‘it’s not right to indicate indemnity clauses against OPW taxes aren’t enforceable.’

Just say ‘No’ and other strategies for not getting caught by the off-payroll rules in the next 12 months.

If what HMRC threw at limited company contractors and end-users in late 2023 is anything to go by, here’s what’s in store in 2024.

The taxman has scored a £300,000 IR35 goal against the former Liverpool defender.

It’s probably only us truly independent contractors who can untie the Gordian knot of off-payroll.

The taxman just missed an opportunity by not denouncing clients who get off the hook by imposing off-payroll indemnities on agencies.

Everything ranging from the taxman conceding to retrospective legislation is being foreseen in wake of the BBC presenter’s court victory.

The biggest study yet into IR35 reform and umbrella companies says regulation is desperately needed, but there’s little hope it’ll emerge at Autumn Statement.

The chancellor’s post is already being reworded by off-payroll critics. My fear is that it’s not the only thing this month from HMT’s boss which will warrant a rewrite.

Forget him trying to improve his off-payroll working tool, the taxman should just rename it, ‘CEST - Cheating Every Self-employed Taxpayer.’

Muted launch mirrors advisers’ muted reactions, as even the most optimistic describe the update as just a ‘step in the right direction.’

Overview to CEST’s update, including what’s not changing, and why we’re all waiting on PGMOL.

It’s not a loophole, nor a golden ticket, but your ‘managed services contract’ as a ‘consultancy’ might be an HMRC investigation-target.

Only a few hours left for workers, umbrellas -- and agencies, to contribute to the government consultation on umbrella company compliance

Hiring 1,630 temps but not engaging a single PSC outside IR35, the recruitment approach of the Revenue is irony at its most alarming.

Like the judge who ripped a recruiter apart, a contractor on LinkedIn is part of the fightback against IR35 ignorance which is gaining ground.

All eyes on the Autumn when CEST 2.0 is due, despite ‘unable to determine’ now being almost as likely as ‘inside IR35.’

Despite take-home dents from ‘dreaded’ IR35 reform, some computer contractors have landed premiums of almost double-digits in the last year.

‘Possible drawbacks’ of leaving the UK are better than losing 50% gross to taxes, suggest a fifth of contractors.

Advisers say what clients still don’t get; what’s wrong with CEST, and what seeing off the taxman takes.

With the taxman surely biding his time until he can charge for multiple years' off-payroll non-compliance, contractors won’t want to see the following false positives.

Due to pay a ‘hefty’ price to HMRC for fluffing contractor status, the body that backs innovation in business is now deemed to be a warning to business.

Tens of millions that was heading to UK business now isn’t, thanks to Innovate UK incorrectly assessing contractors as outside IR35.

Stopping the taxman in his tracks as he took on an end-user with 300+ contractors went like this.

Offset is hopefully on its off-payroll agenda, but the government’s fear of upheaving the labour market (again) will likely preclude fundamental, necessary change.