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Contractor Expenses

Guide to Expenses and Travel

Former taxman Bob Jones explains how the time is calculated with regards to contractor expenses.

Checklist of allowable IT contractor expenses.

For IT contractors operating their own limited company, understanding the intricacies of tax-deductible expenses can mean the difference between just getting by and real profitability.

Charging expenses back to the client is common, but there are important ground rules that have to be followed if you wish to avoid falling foul of VAT regulations.

The general view of HMRC is that working for an agency does not qualify for travel expenses.

With an umbrella company, mileage and general travel expenses can be allowable.

If you are a contractor working through your own limited company and are outside IR35 then life is very simple.

Meal allowances are a valid expense for contractors – when it is a travel expense. To be allowable a meal allowance has to be an expense of travel.

The who, what and when of claiming expenses for training, by tax expert Bob.

Ex-taxman Bob Jones on the allowable expenses when working at home part-time.

Former taxman Bob Jones on how to make the most of relief on the road.

What you can claim and how – an overview for on-the-road contractors working for themselves.

Downloadable chart to keep track of your contractor business when it’s on the road.

Fifth in a CUK download series of 2-minute guides, by experts for IT contractors.

Umbrella's checklist of the most popular 'wholly, exclusively and necessary' expenses.

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