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Umbrella Company Guides and Information for Contractors

ContractorUK’s extensive umbrella company guides and content covers all you need to know about working with an umbrella company.

There is also a forum where you can ask questions related to an Umbrella Company. Additionally please view our Directory of Contractor Umbrella Companies.

Umbrella Company

A contracting career does not necessarily mean flying entirely solo.  For many, an umbrella company represents the ideal balance between the independence of the contractor and the convenience of the employee.

Knowing the pros and cons of operating under an umbrella company can help you to make an informed decision as to the best business model for your contracting career.

What should contractors be looking for from an umbrella company?

The complexity of your payslip may be leaving you short-changed in more ways than one.

What a dispensation is and why you can only claim for expenses you can prove you've incurred.

Parasol demystifies 'We’re all in' for contractors direct to an agency or umbrella.

The practicalities of claiming maternity pay from an umbrella company.

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