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The entrepreneur is assured of his day in court to fight the government’s lockdown.

Tech hiring downturn eases in line with lockdown lifting, but ‘we’re not in the clear yet.’

There’s no secret to Accelerated Payment Notices reducing. The taxman has just run out of targets.

A conditions-based contractor amnesty would let the taxman protect and serve, and avoid a painful rerun.

Taxman recalling more notices than he sends represents a drop in the ocean which he’ll be fine about spilling -- expert.

Reputational damage, EAS penalties and retrospective claims by off-payroll workers. The risks of not sorting KIDs shouldn’t be sniffed at.

A Loan Charge successor could mimic IR35 reform by making the supply chain responsible  -- former tax inspector.

An almost defiant chancellor tells ‘stranded’ PSCs, ‘it’s not as if you’ve got nothing.’

Passionate about the rights lockdown removed, the persistent entrepreneur is waiting on a court date.

Capital Gains Tax : How it will be scrutinised and potentially hiked as soon as Autumn Budget 2020.

PSCs with turnover under £85k face an online-only future with HMRC returns.

Cancel your ‘test’ Jesse Norman. I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.

What changes PSCs can expect (or just hope for) in the official preparations for off-payroll reform.

And expecting any official measures to close or underpin it, is like waiting for Godot.

Contractor? Expert? MP? Even a Lord? It makes no difference, off-payroll adviser says, you’ll still be ignored.

Covid-19 policy change to boost confidence comes as ‘Ltd’ directors say they’re flagging.

An evolving market for technology skills means evolving demand for its temporary practitioners – Hays.

Prime minister and chancellor ‘persuaded’ MPs to change their minds, and their votes on the off-payroll delay.

Sir Keir Starmer’s template-reply to people who’ve lost their livelihoods wins him new followers.

While it may not cover all their costs, brollies are backing Sunak for his £1,000 job retention bonus.

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