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Jenner & Co is prepping a report on whether HMRC’s IR35 tool is fit for purpose. Your contribution is wanted.

A 27-year high in inflation? Not grounds to panic (just yet), but likely a cause for action if you’re a limited company contractor with a mortgage.

With still no Single Enforcement Body emerging, IWORK, Contractor Voice and JobsAware step into the void.

Neither of the prime ministerial candidates, nor the chancellor, are addressing the HMRC policy that’s tragically taken nine lives.

‘Hirers rightly hesitating over hiring plans’ brought IT contractor demand to a more ‘normal’ level in July.

Hiring changes from the Home Office still contain a gap that urgently needs bridging.

Contrary to the business department’s claims to justify its action, now would have been the perfect time to solve the UK’s status crisis.

Do you want to be the football guru on ContractorUK and win a cash prize?

The business department is accused of deafening irony for using the effects of IR35 – ‘cost and uncertainty’ – to justify inaction.

Whitehall’s woes work wonders for late payers, as they keep reforms to fix the UK’s age-old problem off the table, somewhere in the long grass.

Amid the soaring heat, Hays explores somewhere else that’s also hot for many: the IT contractor jobs market.

Much of what’s needed to boost the UK’s flexible labour market is already on the shelf. But revoking IR35 will stay beyond reach.

In a landmark ruling for the umbrella sector, it’s officially ‘out’ with the pro-rating holiday pay formula of 12.07%, and ‘in’ with the 5.6 weeks’ calculation.

A review of the whole loan charge debacle, plus resolution for those taxpayers still with us, is the least, decent thing, our next PM should do.

In a heart-breaking development shattering a family, turning a lawyer speechless, and inspiring calls for chancellor Zahawi to intervene, another person has taken their own life over HMRC tax policy.

Right and wrong doesn’t really exist on a platform seeing itself as social. But there is a sweet spot.

Three more avoidance schemes to withdraw from if you’re a contractor get ‘named and shamed.’

Off-payroll advisers urge limited company workers to take heed of the terms, because courts are shining a light on what’s stated in the written agreement.

‘Unpredictability’ clouds the labour market, on the back of cost-fears and pent-up covid demand appearing to go in the opposite direction to skills shortages.

A very different starting 11 (with no substitution to boot) is handed to the soccer pundit, to explain why HMRC rightly blew the whistle on his status.

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