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Candidate availability at what feels like a three-year high isn’t causing cuts to pay or personnel, even if the ‘r-word’ can historically hurt at renewal.

In a world where limited company tax efficiencies are increasingly few and far between, directors cannot afford to miss this potent £60,000 threshold.

Thinking ‘I’ve Got This’ is too often a sign you’re a bad interviewee -- way before the interview has even started.

Trucks popular with the self-employed will stay as they are, with even new legislation to keep DCPUs in the tax-friendly lane.

The taxman isn’t getting much credit for taking the number of cases which CEST has been tested against from 24 to 36.

Knock it all you want but Check Employment Status for Tax does exactly what it says on the tin.

Resolved: whether limited company contractors should call themselves ‘CEO,’ ‘MD’ on their CV, or just stick to a ‘functional’ tech title.

Forget the 2021 inquiry by MPs 'How Contracting Should Work,' here's 'Why Contracting Isn't Working' in 2024.

The prolonged pursuit of the Daybreak and Radio 5 Live host is understandably taking its toll on the presenter’s mental health.

Chartered accountant Anthony Mellor writes to Jeremy Hunt to appeal for fairness, justice, and compassion for taxpayers affected by the loan charge.

In an insult to ten lives lost, the Treasury’s financial secretary is reading from discredited scripts, when he’s not looking for a soundbite or brushing off MPs’ concerns with claims of scaremongering.

IR35 is meant to deter disguised employment, not genuine freelancing, but something has gone badly wrong -- as Adams, Street-Porter and Moore are now finding out.

Yolo Wealth gives a guarded welcome to the chancellor potentially offering a new way to buy an initial chunk of UK company shares tax-free.

Despite an outcry over his effective capital gains rate of just 23%, our PM has set a good example of efficient tax planning.

Our latest confidence index shows contractor daily fees doing well, despite short-term faith in their own ventures dwindling -- IPSE.

The clock is loudly ticking for contractors to review their allowances -- before HMRC calls time for another year.

Tech sector’s ‘weak’ start to 2024 coincides with IT contractor hiring missing the usual New Year bounce back.

What the IT contractor jobs market currently looks like, and why. 

The Loose Women host talks ‘David and Goliath’ to explain the awful, horrific, £200,000 experience of three tribunals and still no HMRC admission that it lost and she has won.

A technical consultation on the April 6th off-payroll set-off is underway, so contractors can have a say. But be quick.

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