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Latest news

As HMRC signs off its ‘guinea pig’ model, it’s end-users who continue to rule the IR35 roost.

Hammond hears that it’s time his warm words translated into reformist actions.

Clients have a single decision to make whereas agencies face a laundry list, plus a bed of nails.

Crowds of commuters getting taken in about tax liabilities has put their towns on the map.

Protest organisers call you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with MPs fighting retrospection.

Status expert warns of IR35 investigations having ‘unrelated’ beginnings.

MPs get a preview of how HMRC’s tax has turned people’s lives upside down.

Sir Ed Davey’s APPG wants you to come forward to outline the ‘reality of your situation.’

What private sector preparations for the 2020 rules should look like right now.

Labour leader challenges Hammond and May to share their self-assessment forms.

If PSCs had their way, they might do what one adviser suggests -- cut recruiters out.

‘Ditch the salary threshold, extend visas to three years and exempt scarce occupations.’

‘Wait and see’ mode until Brexit completes has put the brakes on contract billings.

Divisiveness, change and removal. It’s all gone on, but now it’s time to move on.

A lot of off-payroll rule uncertainty looms, but there isn’t a lot of will to stem it. Or is there?

Government told that small VAT-registered companies need ‘no deal’ scenarios.

A muddled IR35 policy is why the broadcaster still hasn’t fixed its dog’s breakfast, says the PAC.

Contractors, it’s time to remove HMRC’s ability to be judge, jury and executioner.

Taxpayers on less than £30k are offered an automatic, ‘no questions asked’ arrangement.

Chancellor to get to his feet two weeks pre-Brexit, a few weeks post-IR35 consultation.

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