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Tech teams must balance AI use with GDPR compliance, or risk possible repercussions under data protection rules.

Little wonder 60% of the £39.8bn tax gap is down to small biz, what with IR35 reform; going ‘LTD’ because a mate told you to, and the HMRC disconnect.

‘Political noise’ blamed for hirers hitting the hiring brakes, with the screeching most painfully felt by IT operations, helpdesk, and software development candidates.

Imagining a world without the Intermediaries legislation (reformed or original), quickly reminds us that it’s probably ‘better the devil you know.’

What’s happened to TV’s Adrian Chiles, and what seven things contractors can do to avoid a similar fate. 

APSCo tells ContractorUK what the professional contract labour market should make of Sir Keir Starmer as the new PM.

We’ve got an anti-Tory result with no great enthusiasm for Keir Starmer. That’s what the people are really saying - and it’s a verdict IT freelancers will find hard to disagree with.

Sir Keir Starmer ejects Rishi Sunak from No 10, vowing to ‘restore Britain to the service of working people.'

As a new political dawn breaks, let’s not be rose-tinted about the future of IT contracting under the architects of IR35, but it’s clear a bum deal is now behind us.

Contractor Voice on HMCs – being brought out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Whichever party wins on July 4th a PPC pledge by the Liberal Democrats is one to lose, if the UK really wants to eradicate late payments.

Why Rachel Reeves saying ‘we will take on the tax dodgers’ sounds good in principle, but also has small companies quaking in their (HMRC-compliant) boots.

An already ticking dormancy clock for some PSCs should now sound deafening, due to a likely change of colour at Number 10 on July 5th.

A timely excavation of one of the (crumbling) cornerstones of late payment policy in the UK, which is meant to help contractors get paid on time.

Signing a commonsense commitment (following this government’s nonsensical approach), is the first step to getting your future MP to do their bit to right a wrong ruining 40,000 lives.

An exploration of getting the taxman totally off your back if you max out on contributions.

Hays finds that despite many feeling apprehensive about AI, most IT contractors will undergo Artificial Intelligence training -- before it ‘really takes hold.’

Two highly technical grounds of appeal succeeding for the taxman don’t make the UT’s decision necessarily right, according to IR35 advisers who have no less than six misgivings.

How to cope and get hired in a yoyo-ing market, where ghosting, rejection, and no callbacks are taking a toll.

Two political parties say the Single Enforcement Body is back in contention, which probably won’t disappoint contractors -- or a few Labour Market Enforcement officials.

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