Contractor Market Rates Reports

The latest average rates for the top IT contracting skills and contractor demand updates.

Contractor rates not only depend on your skills and experience as a contractor, but they also depend on the economic climate, company budgets and often location of the contract.

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Contractor Market Demand

Growth in IT contractor demand sinks to 21-month low
Budget 2018 bound to behind the blunter IT contractor demand but overall, opportunities are growing.

Growth in IT contractor demand edged up in September, just
Slump in candidate availability suggests now should be a less competitive time to jump ship.

Summer slowdown in IT contractor demand averted
Comfortable growth for tech contractors is outshone by permie demand and scarcity.

Contractor Guide to Rates

Hourly or daily rate? IT contractor guide to pay
Explained - the staple payment terms of freelancing, attached to your next IT contract, by Outsource UK.

Getting the right rate for the contract - negotiation for IT contractors
The basics of negotiation and establishing what rate becomes a 'deal breaker' for you.

Contract rate negotiation: How to negotiate a rate rise
An IT contractor's guide to asking for premiums.

Top Ten IT Contracting Skills by demand

Rank Skill Average Daily Rate
1 SQL £450
2 Java £520
3 Analyst £400
4 Cyber Security £500
5 .NET £450
6 Linux £500
7 C# £450
8 Scrum £480
9 Project Manager £450
10 Oracle £480

Top Ten IT Contracting skills by daily rate

Rank Skill Average Daily Rate
1 Head of Technology £900
2 Programme Director £870
3 Digital Transformation Architect £860
4 KDB Developer £850
5 Head of Cyber Security £850
6 Senior Quantitative Analyst £820
7 Chief Information Officer £820
8 Head of Architecture £810
9 Head of Analytics £800
10 C++ Quantitative Developer £800

Emerging IT Contracting skills in 2019

Skill Average Daily Rate
Artificial Intelligence £520
Cyber Security £500
Robotics £540
.NET Core £470
Cloud Native £600
Data Engineering £520
BigQuery £540
Oracle RAC £450
Python £520
Azure £480

*Source: Technojobs data (Updated April 2019)

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