Contractor Market Rates Reports

Contractor Market Rates Reports

The latest average rates for the top IT contracting skills and contractor demand updates.

Contractor rates not only depend on your skills and experience as a contractor, but they also depend on the economic climate, company budgets and often location of the contract.

For more on current contractor rates and demand please visit our contractor forum where these topics are often discussed. You can also search the latest IT contract jobs here

Contractor Market Demand

IT sector 'particularly negative' about Brexit's impact
Brexit uncertainty isn't stopping clients sourcing the IT contractors they need.

IT contractor demand score at 14-month high
Uncertainty and unskilled, nervy permies are playing into the hands of IT contractors.

No IT contractor skills scarce, finds REC
January was buoyant, but dry if you wanted to cash-in on IT temp shortages.

Contractor Guide to Rates

Hourly or daily rate? IT contractor guide to pay
Explained - the staple payment terms of freelancing, attached to your next IT contract, by Outsource UK.

Getting the right rate for the contract - negotiation for IT contractors
The basics of negotiation and establishing what rate becomes a 'deal breaker' for you.

Contract rate negotiation: How to negotiate a rate rise
An IT contractor's guide to asking for premiums.

Top Ten IT Contracting Skills by demand

Rank Skill Average Daily Rate
1 Analyst £400
2 SQL £410
3 Java £470
4 Linux £460
5 Project Manager £450
6 Cyber Security £450
7 Oracle £450
8 C# £410
9 .NET £400
10 Scrum £450

Top Ten IT Contracting skills by daily rate

Rank Skill Average Daily Rate
1 Head of Security £800
2 Head of Technology £800
3 Security Advisor £780
4 Technical Director £750
5 Head of Analytics £750
6 Head of Testing £750
7 Programme Director £750
8 Quantitative Analyst Developer £730
9 Senior Big Data Developer £720
10 Senior Java Scala Developer £720

Emerging IT Contracting skills in 2017

Skill Average Daily Rate
Power BI £400
Kubernetes £530
TypeScript £430
Apache Spark £550
Drupal £350
Fintech £510
Python £480
Terraform £500
Django £440

*Source: Technojobs data (Updated May 2017)

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