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IT Contractors’ Agency Guides

Four things candidates don’t want to hear, plus six secrets agencies really don’t want you to know.

What to tell an agent if you suspect you’re on the end of their fishing expedition.

Three factors to consider when recruiters call bearing stock -- if you want to avoid something ‘soul-destroying.’

What can be done to keep scammers and fraudsters at bay? Here’s a starter for ten.

An explainer of the 2003 rules, in force to govern agencies and protect all who use them -- including contractors.

Agency answers the age-old query of why contractors find their umbrellas blocked.

Being asked to write about your skill or specialism is a sign your agency is ahead of the game.

An overview for PSCs of two decades-old arrangements, still in place and operating amid the new landscape.

Agency PAYE, umbrella or PSC contractor? You should expect a KID, with these characteristics.

Spot red flags, but don't rely on badges, to avoid a new evasion offence's sharp end.

A from the shadows account about what really goes on inside agents’ minds.

Agency law firm on the kicking of a limited company owner that contractors will cheer.

Enlisting a recruiter on top of a direct-to-client engagement doesn’t have to be too taxing.

Six IT contractor tips on making recruiters go the extra mile, by Outsource UK.

Evil, danger and incompetence await agency IT contractors approaching their end-date.

Choosing agencies to deal with, getting the rate you want and preferred suppliers.

When selecting which agencies to represent you there are one or two initial considerations to bear in mind.

How IT contractors can spot the rogue from the reputable.

Part 3 of 5: how to get the most out of a downturn.

Part 1 of 5: 'on spec' CV sending or the more the merrier?

Part 2 of 5: do IT contractors have a say about where their CV is sent by their agent?

Part 4 of 5: Decoding agency-speak about how recruiters operate.

Part 5 of 5: Agents on getting the most out of the contractory/agency relationship.

The basics of negotiation and establishing what rate becomes a 'deal breaker' for you.

An IT contractor's guide to asking for premiums.

Leading agents reveal the 'no-nos' for IT contractors.

How do you get the best rate for a new contract or a contract extension? The IT Coach explains that it comes down to your ability to negotiate.

Casually asking where you've been for interview might seem like a friendly enquiry, but...

Contractors have a right to control the price paid for their services.

This article is an 'old favourite' with our readers: Devious agency tricks. To be forewarned is to be forearmed though.

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