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Four ways the physical helps the mental -- ideal if you’re an IT contractor stuck behind a screen.

A Labour pledge to rethink the government’s OPW rules would be a marginally bigger vote-winner than a vow to repeal, but the manifesto favourite, SWS, ‘could remove IR35 altogether.’

The victors on July 4th must end the ‘us versus them’ of IR35 reform repeal, in favour of a more nuanced path forward.

An Ed Davey-led government says it would review the Tories' OPW rules ‘to ensure self-employed people are treated fairly.’

Companies are ‘still stalling on hiring decisions,’ but the knock-on negative appetite for IT contractors is now reducing, month-on-month.

Not reinventing the wheel is fine for just 5% of the business community; for the remaining vast majority, it’ll just perpetuate abject unfairness.

What the Tories and Labour claim they would refrain from unveiling -- like an emergency Budget, is currently all that UK contracting has to look forward to.

HMRC says that where car allowance payments have been or will be made for use of a qualifying vehicle, they may now benefit from a higher amount of disregard.

Latest Guides

'It’s the way I tell ’em.' Make sure the stories you tell about your contracting biz are memorable for the right reasons.

13th June, 2024 | Successful Contracting

Top tips for a limited company contractor trying to mitigate PE risk when working abroad.

10th June, 2024 | Contracting Overseas

With an HMRC ‘due diligence’ requirement on recruiters all but incoming, these five umbrella vetting steps are both timely and seminal.

6th June, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Knowing your payslip's ins and outs is paramount -- to ensure both proper pay and no impropriety.

5th June, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Get past the irritation of numerous variables, and PSC-to-brolly-rate considerations are worth a look; maybe even a conversation.

4th June, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Contractors can do very little to stop being randomly selected, but quite a lot to keep these four from being hoisted in HMRC’s direction.

3rd June, 2024 | IR35

Resolved: Are the coaching fees my guru charges an allowable business expense?

30th May, 2024 | Limited Companies

Dos and don’ts of the application process to officially strike off your PSC.

30th May, 2024 | Limited Companies

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