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Latest News

‘Political noise’ blamed for hirers hitting the hiring brakes, with the screeching most painfully felt by IT operations, helpdesk, and software development candidates.

Imagining a world without the Intermediaries legislation (reformed or original), quickly reminds us that it’s probably ‘better the devil you know.’

What’s happened to TV’s Adrian Chiles, and what seven things contractors can do to avoid a similar fate. 

APSCo tells ContractorUK what the professional contract labour market should make of Sir Keir Starmer as the new PM.

We’ve got an anti-Tory result with no great enthusiasm for Keir Starmer. That’s what the people are really saying - and it’s a verdict IT freelancers will find hard to disagree with.

Sir Keir Starmer ejects Rishi Sunak from No 10, vowing to ‘restore Britain to the service of working people.'

As a new political dawn breaks, let’s not be rose-tinted about the future of IT contracting under the architects of IR35, but it’s clear a bum deal is now behind us.

Contractor Voice on HMCs – being brought out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Latest Guides

Revealed: the best policy for PSCs, and the best policy if switching from PSC to brolly.

12th July, 2024 | Money

Top 5 ways to advocate for and protect your own commercial, independent, self-employed interests.

9th July, 2024 | IR35

Seven age-old queries, each with the power to stump limited company contractors who are solvent but looking to shut.

8th July, 2024 | MVL

How to cut your coat according to your cloth, while not forgetting HMRC wants different chunks out of it, at different times.

8th July, 2024 | Money

The basics of what a contractor accountant does; charges, and should be able to advise on with confidence.

5th July, 2024 | Limited Companies

The blunders typically made when working via a limited company, sometimes regardless of contractor experience.

4th July, 2024 | Limited Companies

A seven-point checklist to refer to -- for umbrella contractors with doubts about their payday document.

3rd July, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Must-knows when mulling ‘flying under the radar’ by executing a UK contract from foreign shores.

3rd July, 2024 | Contracting Overseas

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