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First Timer Guides

First-timers can’t afford to flinch when a potential premium is on offer.

Everything you need to know about finding the right accountant for your limited company.

Succeeding at contracting is far easier if you understand its risks and rewards.

Six steps to help keep the taxman off your back when filing your first tax return.

What agents, clients and HR will bug you about where your invoice leaves room for doubt.

Contracting expert helps a time-poor permie get his ducks in a row.

Adviser attests to the 'pros' of being self-employed, but finds it has more 'cons' than a PSC.

Resisting the urge to rush is key to getting right what's a daunting but lucrative decision.

In this guide we explore the advantages and disadvantages of contracting and give 10 qualities that make a successful contractor.

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring contractors from a client's perspective.

How to ascertain demand for your skills and sell your strengths.

Your prospective hirer will very likely be bombarded with CVs for any given vacancy. We tell you how to make the best of your CV.

There are several key ways to find your first contract role. This section helps you on your way if you're new to IT contracting.

"It's not what you know, it's who you know" and other ways to keep off the bench.

An overview of the different options available to you and advice on the best way forward.

Simon Dolan, managing director of SJD Accountancy, explains how making the right choice between a limited and umbrella company can affect your take home pay.

Once you have secured your first contract role, agreed a rate and a start date, a contract needs to be signed...

Congratulations! You've done the hard bit. We now need to consider IR35. Click here for our guide, together with details of how to get your contract expertly reviewed.

2001 saw with the introduction of the now famous IR35, more politely called the "Intermediaries legislation."

A brief overview of how these laws affect you as a contractor.

To put it simply... If you are working through a limited company, you will pay yourself a monthly salary (many take a small salary). Those caught by IR35 will pay themselves a 'deemed salary'.

There are various insurances that you might need, but Professional Indemnity is the must have for most contractors these days.

If you have decided to trade through your own Limited Company then you really ought to have an accountant to help you with the various forms, obligations, taxes etc.

As a contractor, you will be required to fill in timesheets detailing the work you have done for the Client, and the number of hours or days you have worked in a given time period. Your manager or team leader will typically authorise your timesheet.

The answer is yes, and sometimes with deals better than you could get as a permanent employee! Click here to find out more.

So, you've found your job, beaten IR35, got yourself an accountant and started trading. What else is there? Well, what about training to keep your skills up to date, what happens if you get sick etc. Click here for ways to mitigate these challenges.

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