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Janet De-Havilland ACIPP, has specialised in supply chain compliance and contingent employment for over 25 years. Janet is a leading authority on contingent employment in the UK and Internationally. Janet regularly speaks on global engagement and employment matters for workers engaged through a recruitment supply chain or direct hiring arrangements. She is CEO of Pendragon Consultancy, a compliance and contingent employment consulting firm.

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Remote work for firms in Canada and the US can be done visa-free. But check what work and check with an adviser first.

15th August, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

A German national contracting here for a Hamburg client faces no tax implications, but possibly a negotiation.

9th August, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Deciding where you want to be tax resident is a good starting point, when your time is complicatedly split between two countries.

4th August, 2022 | Contracting Overseas