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Contracting allows you freedom to build up a varied and impressive CV and the financial rewards can be far greater on leaving permanent work.

Most IT contractors don't take full advantage of the opportunities afforded to turn their companies into real small businesses. Here are 10 suggestions.

Property purchase represents a relatively secure and often very profitable investment that should be at the forefront of any IT contractor wish list when it comes to deciding on future financial goals.

'A' Day (Appointed day) arrives on 6th April 2006 and brings with it sweeping and radical changes for contractors looking to invest in a pension – either via a one-man limited company or personally.

Accountant tells CUK of the ways IT contractors can ease the pain of tax at 50p.

£100K+ contractors to feel the effects of no personal allowance, says IFA.

A guide to NICs payable by limited company and umbrella contractors.

Why contractors should oppose the simpler filing regime for micro-business, by Safe Collections.

Sole trader or Ltd? There are hard and fast rules when declaring to HMRC.

Expert nuggets to help contractors turn their investments into golden opportunities.

It’s all Greek to me!...How could the Eurozone crisis impact contractor finances?

Contractor Money's second guide for contractors, as stock market based investments suffer extreme volatility and UK gilts yields plummet to historic lows.

Contractors’ IFA shares his top tips for financial security this year, and then some.

Contractors' IFA continues his tips on making your money go further than last year.

Clock is ticking for the self-employed to legally and ethically save tax.

How contractors can respond to a regular client who starts paying irregularly, or not at all.

No signed contract? No agreed price? Fear not, says business solicitor Nigel Musgrove.

IFA: Contractors struggling to sell-up may have an upside that's long-term and lucrative.

10 reasons you can’t afford to put off considering your demise.

IFA: 'We're all In' adverts are aimed at employees, but potentially contractors too.

£50k-plus contractors can dodge the worst of the claw back, but the clock is ticking.

IFA: Putting premiums through your limited company avoids enriching the taxman.

A trio of trusts are now ripe for contractors to review, as the taxman is about to step in.

Everything you need to know about APNs, which are now in force and not to be ignored.

Your dreams and obligations may be poles apart, but knowing when to act is the key to both.

Stop yourself sleepwalking into automatic month-on-month fines from Friday.

IFA analyses which political party might impact your personal finances the most.

What contractors need to know about CGT ahead of possible reforms next week.

How contractors can cut their tax bills when dividend reform bites in 2016.

IFA: While the cost of cover will go up, the tax take on your buy-to-let doesn’t have to.

IFA on the personal finance highs and lows of the chancellor's red book.

Having a business to run - and mouths to feed - is going to be more palatable from next April.

Simple guide to everything you need to know about obtaining a mortgage as a contractor.

IFA's rundown of new financial rules, and how to prosper in spite of them.

The one-man band who stood up to HMRC is proof it's easier if your knowledge can't be picked on.

Vouchers, schemes, eligibility from October? Answers in bite-size chunks for contractors with kids.

Tax rates and allowances that contractors should be aware of this tax year. 

How a business bank account can benefit your contractor business. 

Working on a retainer basis? Nice work if you can get it! But beware hard graft, potentially.

Pitfalls. Conditions. And cake. How to avoid biting off more than you can chew with client retainers.

Allowances set by Hammond are there to be used, and not just because his IR35 grab looms.

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