COVID-19 News

‘Not great’ for temporary techies, but ‘massively better than might have been expected’ – REC.

An ‘incensed’ Rebecca Seeley Harris vows a written rebuttal over HMT’s 'misunderstanding.'

Two new updates to the furlough scheme are ‘easily overlooked, and obviously were by the government.’

‘Reasons and channels’ prevent your internet data being trawled, even if your CJRS usage is deemed suspicious.

Or don’t and risk having tighter rules, potentially on masks, supermarkets and WfH.

The type of contract you’re on shouldn’t affect your place in the vaccination queue, but it might - REC.

Even if it’s difficult, or DISS isn’t ready, let PSCs know that income support from the pandemic is your aim, Burnham tells Sunak.

A plan to return to the tiered approach includes the strong suggestion that ‘WfH’ lost its novelty in November.

Ten parts of the population being overlooked surges the membership of a new parliamentary group fighting for ‘Ltd directors.'

Watch fanatic becomes the face of BBL fraud, just as time runs out for a director and his secretary.

Even just half our normal fee will do, say ‘high and dry’ umbrellas, urging Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson for urgent cover.

Taxman to publish names, values and numbers of CJRS claimants from December.

A ‘lifeline’ for limited companies isn’t enough, say the millions now turning to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

As distrust of the chancellor grows, disappointed directors get given more of the ‘unattractive’ same.

Despite the claims of London eateries, having a multi-person business meeting over lunch isn’t within the spirit of the law.

You’d be better off asking the chancellor, the work and pensions minister tells David Davis MP.

Armed with ‘sobering’ findings, David Davis will today seek stronger stuff for the unsupported millions.

It’s ‘business as usual’ for many, a blow to others, yet for some contractors, says IPSE, it’ll be a reminder of financial catastrophe.

HMRC nabs two more on suspicion of ‘setting out to deliberately defraud’ the CJRS.

‘It’s up to each PSC recipient to decide for themselves. But self-reviewing, as you’ve been asked, looks prudent.’

Leaving salary at the level the government puts in won’t do, as 80% coverage is still required.

The overseas contracts hub joins the countries that contractors must self-isolate after returning from.

Miscalculation ‘fear’ hits the taxman, as SEISS overpayments trigger his plea for you to review your CJRS usage.

Brits touching down face 14 days indoors if they’ve worked in any of six new covid-19 hotspots.

Advice if you’ve taken too much needs heeding, given HMRC says it’s disinterested in innocent mistakes.

An almost defiant chancellor tells ‘stranded’ PSCs, ‘it’s not as if you’ve got nothing.’

Passionate about the rights lockdown removed, the persistent entrepreneur is waiting on a court date.

Covid-19 policy change to boost confidence comes as ‘Ltd’ directors say they’re flagging.

Taxman’s first ever CJRS detainee is met with warnings he’s unlikely to be the last.

As the taxman gets armed with 100% penalties for CJRS abuse, experts fear a clawback ‘many years down the road.’