IR35 Contract Reviews

IR35 is a complicated piece of tax legislation and it is often difficult to get a black and white answer to your IR35 status, writes Qdos Contractor. If you are unsure about how your next contract fits within the IR35 framework, there are professional companies to help you clarify your status.

Qdos Ir35 contract reviews

Should HMRC ever come knocking, the first thing they will ask for are copies of all your contracts relating to a specific accounting period, plus any evidence and information supporting your opinion of your status. Therefore, it is crucial that you have taken the necessary steps in protecting your hard-earned income, by getting each new contract reviewed by a professional.

The Written Contract

Contract reviews can provide you simply with an overall opinion of your contract, or detailed comments on each clause relevant to the review. You should ensure that the review service will include a list of failing clauses and suggested amendments, a list of any insurance stipulated within the contract, and assistance with your end client/agency with getting the contract amended if necessary.

The True Contract

Naturally, you must ensure that the terms of the contract reflect the true reality of your working practices. A review of your working practices provides HMRC with a better understanding of your real working relationship with your end client, and will always carry more weight than the contract itself. A fully detailed review service should include an assessment of your working practices in addition to the written contract.

ContractorUK has partnered with Qdos Contractor who can provide contractors with either a basic contract assessment or a fully comprehensive review complete with a working practices assessment. Qdos are well-established IR35 specialists, completing over 500 reviews every month.

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