Contractors’ Questions: Do I need to display company name on my front door?

Contractor’s Question: My company name registration has been submitted to Companies House but is it true that, assuming it is granted, I will need to have display the company’s full name on a sign? As my home address is my company’s registered office, does the relevant regulation mean I have to nail a sign to my front door?

Expert’s Answer: You are correct in so far as under the Companies (Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2008,  regulation 3(1) states: “A company shall display its registered name at: a) its registered office b) any inspection place.”

But I think the key to your question lies in regulation 5(2):

“The registered name shall be so positioned that it may be easily seen by any visitor to that office, place or location.”

Note 'visitor' - not passer-by.  So I doubt the requirement is intended to mean that it has to be displayed outside, or so as to be visible from outside, in your case, your private residence.

In the case of a business whose premises are open to lawful visitors, I would say a sign baring the company’s name should be displayed so as to be visible from the area to which such visitors have access.

For the home-based business that doesn't expect business visitors - well, there won't be anyone to see, will there?  And if there is, I assume that you already keep a business card baring the company’s name on your desk.

The expert was Roger Sinclair, legal consultant at contracts advisory egos.

Thursday 23rd Jun 2011
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