Company credit check

Why use a credit check service?

Checking a potential client's credit rating is a useful tool to judge the financial status and trustworthiness of a company before signing a contract and entering a working relationship with them.

Another use for credit checking is with existing clients. If a client that has always paid promptly suddenly asks for work to be completed on credit, then alarm bells may start ringing. You can use the credit checking service to sound out whether another month's payment on credit terms is a good idea.

We have teamed up with checkSCORE to provide low-cost, instant reports straight to your desktop. The credit checks are quick and easy to complete and will give you a good overview of the performance of the business. A Full Company Report costs just £9.95+VAT and a Snapshot Report £5.95 +VAT. See below for more information on what you get for your money.

More information on our credit check service:

What will I get for my money?

The following information is intended a general guide – information available on each company will depend on what has been filed at Companies House.

Full Company Reports

Full Company Reports are available on over 4 million UK Limited companies, partnerships, and sole traders, online, 24 hours a day at only £9.95 plus VAT.

As long as the information has been filed at Companies House, the Full Report will include the following:

  • Company Name and Number
  • Registered Office Address
  • Trading Address
  • The checkSCORE - Credit Score
  • Credit Guide
  • Official Company Information
  • County Court Judgments (CCJs)
  • Known Directors
  • Registered Charges
  • Operations
  • Comprehensive Financial Information
  • Key Credit Ratios
  • Key Industry Sector Trends

Full Reports on partnerships and sole traders show less comprehensive information since reporting requirements for these businesses are less stringent. Recently formed companies will also have limited details. All reports are displayed immediately on purchase and emailed to the purchaser in attached html format.

Snapshot Company Reports

A Snapshot Report costs £5.95 plus VAT and is ideal for those decision makers looking to supplement the knowledge that they already have of a company with a credit score and suggested credit guide

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