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Income Protection for Contractors

As a contractor your income is completely reliant on your ability to show up at the client's site each day. Without the safety net of a large company employee benefits package you could face real financial hardship in the event of illness or a chance injury.

Experience has shown that even a relatively short term interruption to a contractor's income can have a potentially devastating impact on your ability to meet your commitments which could inflict serious long term damage to your credit rating and in extreme cases even cost you your home.

We have noticed significantly more requests for information relating to Income Protection as a result of government restrictions to state provision, the London terror attacks and concerns over bird flu and have arranged so that ContractorUK visitors have priority access the financial protection specialists at CMME.

They are able to tailor a range of specially selected 'contractor friendly' policies that reflect the unique way in which you work. In this way they are able to provide schemes that pay you a tax free income from the very first day of any illness or injury whereas most policies have lengthy waiting periods before benefits are payable. This means that the protection can mirror that which you enjoyed when a permanent employee.

To discuss your specific requirements in confidence please fill in the contact form below and an adviser will promptly email recommendations. If you are unsure about the answers to any of the questions below, don't worry - the team will contact you shortly to fill in any gaps. To contact the team directly, please call 03450 628888, or visit the CMME website for more information.

You should also read our PHI article that covers many frequently asked questions.

CMME has provided PHI cover for Contractor UK visitors since we started, back in 1999.

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