Mortgages for returning expats and foreign nationals

There are 4.8million self-employed in the UK today, many of whom are expats and foreign nationals on long term contracts, relocating to the UK. When it comes to buying a house, these employees can represent some of the highest quality lending for banks, as they are often highly skilled specialists, commanding long terms contracts in well paid roles.

However, the reality is most UK banks and lenders struggle to service those with no permanent UK address in the last 3 years and a lack of credit history. In the UK, people seeking a mortgage who fall outside standard lending criteria are invariably penalised with a lack of choice, higher interest rates and a loan that doesn’t reflect their true borrowing potential and overall credit worthiness

CMME’s core mortgage broking specialism and financial products seek to right this wrong, giving more independents the service they deserve, and the boost of self-confidence they need to embrace their freedom and make the most of their talent.

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Case studies

• Jane - Client Director with an Insurance company, who recently moved back to the UK after 7 years living and working abroad

• Gary - An Irish National who moved to the UK

• Richard - A returning UK expat, after 12 years abroad

How to build a credit footprint

Register for a copy of your credit report with one of the major credit referencing agencies. The main UK ones are Callcredit, Equifax and Experian. Others include Noddle and Clearscore, where you can get this credit report for free.

Get a UK bank account in your own name. It is this personal account that will help build your credit score – don’t rely on your business account to do so. Your personal account should have a debit card and nominal overdraft facility.

Ensure you pay all of your personal drawings from your business into your new personal bank account.

Apply for a credit card in your name and use the credit card regularly for things like groceries and petrol; however, ensure it is paid off each month before interest is charged.

Put all your utilities - like water, gas, electricity and council tax – in your name. And if you are eligible, apply to put your name on the voters’ roll with your local authority.

This is no quick fix; it can take anything from six months to a year to create a good credit rating, but by planning ahead your credit footprint will be in place for when you are ready to apply for a mortgage – and the higher your chances of success.


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