Contractors' Questions: Shall I tell on agents demanding SC?

Contractor's Question:If the Defence Vetting Agency is powerless to act against recruiters unfairly insisting on security clearance before they engage me, is there any point in me and other prejudiced candidates reporting the agency to them, as as they've asked?

Expert's Answer:You are correct to state that the DVA is powerless in dealing with complaints of this nature. The Cabinet Office tell us that the practice is not unlawful although they do not see it as 'best practice' - so if an employer limits access to jobs to those who hold SC or DV clearance then this is a matter for them.

Individuals constantly raise this issue with the DVA either directly or via their MPs. The DVA has consistently responded in line with the information provided above and in my earlier response .

The DVA is not soliciting correspondence on this issue we are merely responding when an issue is raised. It would be very helpful to us, [to allow] resources to be used for processing, if such enquiries ceased.

Answer provided by Jacky Ridley, chief executive of the DVA

Wednesday 18th Jun 2008