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Adam Home is Managing Director of UK & International Debt Recovery Specialists Safe Collections. The company, founded in 1984, has more than three decades of experience in recovering unpaid invoices and contractual arrears anywhere in the world.

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The horrors of the pandemic might be subsiding but like infection, undead firms continue to pose a risk to PSC owners.

Where to click on Companies to see if the reddest of red flags might be hoisted by your agency.

27th March, 2021 | Money

An instant fix for some, but factoring is a very hard habit to shake, whether it’s invoice or recourse.

‘Keep invoicing, knowing you can pass the buck and that the law is on your side.’

11th January, 2021 | Money

Inoculating your cash flow against covid-19 unfortunately just isn’t a thing. So get practical, in the extreme.

17th November, 2020 | Money

Insolvency pandemic protections are right. But do the new rules strike the wrong balance?

Debt recovery expert urges a contractor confused by flat rate and compound to tread lightly.

8th April, 2020 | Money

The three ducks you need to have in a row before you take a payment row before a judge.

12th December, 2019 | Money

Whoever replaces Paul Uppal should get the SBC’s terms, remit and scope replaced too.

Fines for not paying you are, well; fine, but recovery costs are really where reform could come into its own.

Sample letters that unpaid IT contractors can use to make clients cough up.

26th April, 2019 | Limited Companies

In 2019, a ‘Letter Before Action’ is no good if your actions before the letter don’t cut it.

25th April, 2019 | Money

Consult the payment's world referee to get a win-win result, rather than nerves or a no-go.

2nd April, 2019 | Money

Pitfalls. Conditions. And cake. How to avoid biting off more than you can chew with client retainers.

21st March, 2019 | Money

Working on a retainer basis? Nice work if you can get it! But beware hard graft, potentially.

13th March, 2019 | Money

The options open to an IT consultant wanting to protect, and serve notice. 

19th February, 2019 | Contracting Overseas

Only narrow options with numerous negatives exist in this 'absolute mess.'

5th February, 2019 | Money

Debt specialist says a liability may still exist, in contractual if not practical terms.

29th January, 2019 | Money

'Insisting on incremental is the right course, even if you yourself started off track.'

24th January, 2019 | Money

When sticking to your guns could lead to the killing of whatever goodwill that’s left.

10th January, 2019 | Money