Having not first succeeded, LCAG is trying again to raise the Revenue’s CEO about tax-inspired suicide attempts.

‘We want to help’ claims the Revenue, ‘but we can only help those who come forward.’

A status lawyer sums up recent implications for contractors, and says how HMRC can be silenced.

Unprecedented, company-crippling payment terms will undergo their first test on Friday.

Treasury minister written to for his ‘astonishing, appalling, fundamentally untrue’ reply.

There’s a crossover into Big and Artificial, yet today it’s ‘old’ Data skills which drive contractor demand.

Ex-inspector says her old boss understandably wants to understand working practices.

What the first responder to ‘countless’ suicide attempts over retrospection is telling the taxman.

New anti-money laundering rules will be the eye of a perfect legislative storm from Tuesday.

Ministers must do what the taxman won’t -- keep their ears, eyes and minds open.

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