Ninety organisations are already among the fallout from the data breach. Do you need to ask Capita if you’re number 91?

With the taxman surely biding his time until he can charge for multiple years' off-payroll non-compliance, contractors won’t want to see the following false positives.

Tens of millions that was heading to UK business now isn’t, thanks to Innovate UK incorrectly assessing contractors as outside IR35.

Expert accountant reassures that the traditional way to pay HMRC will always likely remain, albeit with disincentives.

A good initiative? Or a glorified payroll calculator? Fluctuating pay is the real issue that needs attention, or at least acknowledgement.

Stopping the taxman in his tracks as he took on an end-user with 300+ contractors went like this.

At odds with what it originally said, the hacked outsourcing giant says customer, colleague and supplier date got ‘exfiltrated.’

The contractor industry can largely get behind a set-off mechanism from April 6th 2024 -- even if it smacks of the government's whack-a-mole approach.

Even if more PSCs due to appear in the dock doesn’t worry you, still review CJRS claims if you took salary with dividends.

With none of the normal delay between government intention and government action, it’s good to see officials moving forward on rolled-up holiday pay.

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