What GDPR is; how to comply and why IT contractors will probably welcome it.

Delays, increased costs and bigger workloads. And that’s the government’s own findings.

A lot for the taxman to tackle before 2020 (no sooner please), because his thinking is flawed.

PSCs -- look forward, because a perfect storm of contractor regulation is brewing.

Private sector IR35 reform? Yes, but not as you know it.

Why there are two IT security areas you won’t need to look at (as much) before you leap.

Taxman’s blind faith in his own tool is no surprise, but it could have a sting in its tail.

The three things you need to do to help land premiums, not pain, when jumping jobs.

A new Carillion-inspired package is good, but it could do better for IT freelancers’ cashflow.

If the taxman took reasonable care, then his guidance would by now reflect a 2017 verdict.

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