IR35 in flux means it’s vital to optimise your dividends, as a clawback is almost here.

What ‘Tigger-like’ Hammond said yesterday -- no longer summarised, but still edited by the Treasury.

Hammond stresses the need for a balanced approach as he recommits to entrepreneurs.

IPSE: Hammond should utilise the highly-skilled, not hinder their growth with further IR35 reform.

Tomorrow could hear fired the starting pistol Hammond brandished in November.

Like the Terminator, ATS is pre-programmed and affects lives. Can you succeed amid the rise of the machines?

The taxman’s IR35 win at the BBC shouldn’t scare genuinely self-employed contractors.

What contractors want in 13 days’ time, and what (if anything) they’ll get.

Seven near certainties of IR35 reform in the private sector.

An analysis of how a PSC at BBC News made headlines that neither party will have wanted.

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