CGT not being taken off you doesn’t make you a victim (although you may be).

Shortlist you for a detail-orientated environment? Probably not if you can’t spell.

Save your outrage for HMRC’s ‘external consultant,’ as ‘Sir CEO’ is de rigueur.

Clients are on a respite from rules-induced work, ahead of Digital dominating in 2019.

Contractors who collapse will have to pay the taxman second, not fourth, from when IR35 changes.

Who’s won what at the 12th annual awards voted for by you.

Doing nothing but waiting for HMRC to agree with the Lords isn’t wise (where MTD is concerned).

An investigation into ‘Ltd’ TV presenters points to an awful mess, with stark long-term implications.

Some peers and MPs are our modern-day Snark hunters -- and they seek fairness for contractors.

The chancellor and his Treasury could be blurring the lines intentionally.

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