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David Whiscombe is a consultant to North London accountants BKL, where he was formerly Senior Tax Partner.  He now combines technical tax writing with an active practice in the resolution of tax disputes and work as an expert witness.   

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Dispatch of your trained tax professional and file as you see fit? Only if you’re very, very sure.

31st May, 2022 | Limited Companies

If the only reward a company secretary gets is a ‘plus one’ invite to the annual bash, tax deductibility isn’t an issue.

25th May, 2022 | Limited Companies

An Xmas bash of family members and mates costing a small fortune is indeed reimbursable, but beware other problems.

2nd October, 2020 | Expenses

Second opinion for a contractor being 'sold' his accountant's £500 service.

18th January, 2015 | MVL