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Gareth Wilcox is a Partner and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with Opus Business Services Group.  As well as heading up Opus’ Birmingham office, he oversees the solvent restructuring team and has significant experience in this area

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Many contractors have a nagging question to answer – on top of these six others.

7th June, 2019 | Limited Companies

Making HMRC a preferred creditor will push contractors down the ‘pay me’ pecking order.

Part 2 of what PSC contractors need to know before they close, and during.

25th October, 2018 | MVL

Part one of two on the tricky business of weighing up winding-up, and how to do it.

24th October, 2018 | MVL

Limited company exit expert agrees -- nobody wants to raise a red flag to HMRC.

2nd June, 2018 | MVL