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Gareth Wilcox is a Partner and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with Opus Restructuring & Insolvency.  As well as heading up Opus’ Birmingham office, he oversees the solvent restructuring team and has significant experience in this area

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For being more limited than limited companies feared, Hunt’s CGT reforms are a bit of a let-off for small, entrepreneurial businesses.

What contractor-directors should and shouldn’t do when lending cash to their business.

4th October, 2022 | Limited Companies

Potentially due to feature at Spring Statement, RLS is open until June -- pending a change of heart from the chancellor today.

23rd March, 2022 | Limited Companies

Claims that it's correct to withhold money to an ‘accounts overdue’ company just don’t add up.

17th January, 2022 | Limited Companies

Limited companies rising from their predecessors’ ashes is going to be a growing business. Not that you should want any part of it.

25th November, 2021 | Limited Companies

An overview of the options if you, your business or your client will join the many heading for collapse before 2022.

11th November, 2021 | Limited Companies

Help for distressed directors will wind-up on Sep 30th, yet the floodgates shouldn’t wash over you on Oct 1st.

21st September, 2021 | Limited Companies

Insolvency doesn’t stop contractors acting for another firm – but beware restrictions enforced with the threat of jailtime.

11th August, 2021 | Limited Companies

Nothing online stopping the disqualified from registering means surname alterations aren’t necessary.

3rd August, 2021 | Limited Companies

Overview for limited company workers on becoming bankrupt and the implications.

21st July, 2021 | Money

Overview for contractors of the document behind putting a limited company into compulsory liquidation.

13th July, 2021 | Limited Companies

An extension of insolvency measures looks like the government’s last covid support hurray.

8th July, 2021 | Limited Companies

Pandemic or not, either your limited company’s distribution to yourself was due or it wasn’t.

Your mate down the pub who closed his company and run will be hoping he didn’t do so in the last three years.

Officials at Companies House are being polite, but the subtext is clear – delinquent directors are at risk again.

Now may be the calm before the storm for limited companies, which it may fall to us IPs to shelter directors from.

9th December, 2020 | Limited Companies

Add-ons to the Winter Economy Plan range from necessities to cold comforts (all of which we’ll need to pay for).

10th November, 2020 | Coronavirus

Four of the chancellor’s announcements that could alter how contractors (and their clients) do business.

2nd October, 2020 | Money

What PSC contractors can leverage in the chancellor’s covid-induced fiscal package.

The dissolving process resuming signals business as normal. The monetary considerations will soon be anything but.

6th August, 2020 | Limited Companies

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