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Gerrish Legal is a digital commercial law firm based in London, Stockholm and Paris. Gerrish Legal gives contractors the trusted legal support they need to run their business in all areas of commerical, contract, intellectual property and data protection law. Unlike traditional law firms, we follow your legal matter from A to Z. From the moment contractors partner with us, they can rest assured their legal needs will be looked after with the utmost care. We stay on top of the latest trends, embrace innovation, and provide flexible legal advice in accordance with our contractors’ budgets and deadlines.

Gerrish Legal has the expertise and experience to fully understand the commercial needs of contractors and the challenges of the environments in which they operate. Able to provide advice on French, English and European law and as a hands-on law firm, we understand the different struggles that multinationals, small businesses, start-ups and freelancers face.  For us, no client is the same and our advice is always adapted accordingly.  We’re able to explain legal concepts without jargon and give practical and digestible advice which helps contractors to push your business forwards to wherever you want to go.

Author Content

Either as a business or consumer (or both), independent techies can now help shape the UK’s National Data Strategy.

A legal expert gauges what Google’s traffic-measuring system violating the GDPR might mean for you, and your clients.

Contractors can step in to help take data protection in a new direction. If that’s wise.

The telco’s hack is so big it could impact you both as a customer and as a processor or subprocessor, with security-confidentiality obligations.

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